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Hi everyone,

I have a question maybe some people can help me. I have rosacea around my nose and cheeks area. I also suffer from mild acne in areas such as my forehead and around my lips.

About three months ago I started using alpha hydroxy advanced lotion aha 10% which I bought of the internet. I read that aha can sometimes damage / worsen rosacea so I did not apply it around my nose and cheek area, but DID apply it around the rest of my face and still do to this day. It has improved my skin immensely and my 'regular' acne is now really mild, but in the last two or so months my rosacea affected areas have seemed to got worse....

I wonder if although I am not applying AHA directly to roseca affected areas it has somehow made my rosacea worsen?

I have also been on tetrcycline and metrotop for about a month now (for rosacea) and no improvement, could AHA be the problem for these two not working and for the actual initial worsening of the rosacea condition?

Finally I have another question if that's ok. When I went to someone first (october 04) about my skin and was told it was rosacea I was put on about 3/4 different things and my skin did get much better and almost cleared infact. I was on zinc tabs, b complex tabs, green veg tabs (akaplex G), vitamin k based capillay cream and an internal blood cleanser thingy. Would anyone have any ideas which of these ingredients was most likey the cause of clearence or was it a case of them all working together?

Sorry for the long post, but you people have answered my questions well before so..

Thanks very much,

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