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Why do people use acv for the baking soda mask it doesnt seem to make sense to me that people use it as a scrub and dont use acv so why when its a mask.anyways i tried to make the mask and wear it tonight but it was kinda brutal it was really wet and nice feeling in the container but i went to put it on and it was brutal wouldnt go on.It was like a dry paste on my face than it went all crumbly lol and was falling off all over.Someone let me know how to do it properly.

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Guest tenshigirl25

i have done it the other way around. mix a paste of uncoated aspirin and water to make the mask. baking soda is way too harsh to just sit on your skin like that. i only use baking soda as a scrub sometimes. the aspirin mask will work as a scrub when u wash it off. i have applied acv mixed with water in a bottle i keep in the fridge as a toner. u can also use aspirin mixed with water and use that as a toner too. i just mentioned in another thread a manuka honey mask, honey on your face and then put your face over a steaming hot bowl of water for 15 minutes. it gives my face a fresh glow. baking soda will mess up the PH balance and should only be used as an exfoliator when needed. u dont want to take any chances.

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