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If you've tried everything, i bet u havent tried this!!!

I am 20 years old and have suffered from acne for about 4 and a half years now. When i first broke out i went to the dermatologist and have been on everything from minocycline to differin gel to accutane. everything worked for a little bit but then the acne came back. I next took the homeopathic route, i tried supplements such as the acne miracle with EFA's, i even tried accupuncture. I say results with everything but only for a limited time and then it continuously came back.

Finally I tried to do personally work. You may think this is crazy but i did hypnotherapy. It worked! basically it was an emotionally problem and more than that it was an energy problem. Everyone is different so i wont get into detail on what actually was causing my problem. it was a little weird and ackward at first but i feel so much better and my face looks great!

I would reccomend contacting the Wellness institute in Seatle, Washington. They train the best and most prestigous hypnotherapists in the country, they will help you locate on in your area.

If you think theres nothing left to get rid of your acne... there really is. its not the easiest process but it genuinely worked and i bet if your problem is not hormonal and even if it is, hypnotherapy will definately help if not cure it!

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What's involved in a hypnotherapy session?

When did you notice results?

Why do you say it's not the easiest method? Did you talk about uncomfortable stuff?



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