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Something Good Happening Because Of Acne

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I know it sounds weird since acne has ruined people's lives and its effects it has had on people but have there been any advantages that you have gotten out of it over the time that you've had acne. Ironically acne has had some positive outcomes for me but unfortunately the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. Here are mine:

1. Kept me out of the sunlight and because of it the aging process has stopped for me. People think I can't possibly be no more than 18 when I'm 25. I still have to show my ID for R rated movies or when i'm getting alcohol.

2. I've stayed out of trouble. I used to get into trouble sometimes at school or when I went out with the wrong kind of people.

3. I've gotten in better shape physically due to a lot of exercising and sports (to take frustration away).

4. My health has been a lot better. Eating all the right foods, taking the right vitamins to help acne, lower cholesterol, less anxiety and stress.

5. Most importantly, I have become a better person inside and am much kinder to others.

Something good comes out of everything. Even Acne.

So any positive outcomes for anyone out there??

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since having acne people still think im in highschool but im 22 years old. its kinda funny but kinda sad lol. also i have been more kinder to people, not only with acne but with other challenges. it also motivated me to get in better shape, just like you i take all my frustrations out using wieghts. if i cant have a perfect, smooth face, I'll atleast have a very nice body and good health. For people who are feeling down about there acne go and start working out you'll feel better and stronger. it worked for me.

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