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Upping bp %

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I've been on the regimen for a while now, and for the most part, I stay pretty clear (just working on getting rid of redmarks).

However, I just broke out! sad.gif 3-4 cysts after a few months of no major zits... terrible.

This used to happen when I was on Proactiv as well, but more often. I'm currently using Dan's BP Gel at the moment.

I'm wondering if I need a stronger dosage of BP instead of the reccommended 2.5%. Have you all found that some people need a 5% solution instead of the 2.5?

Any tips?


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Hi Dan, thanks for the reply.

Lemme give a breakdown of my situation...

I've had bad acne since a teenager (I'm now 27). I've been on 4 different cycles of Accutane, and the first cycle completely cleared me up, but my acne came back. The next few cycles cleared me up a little (not as effective as the first time, but I wasn't on those cycles for as long). Once again my acne came back, and I did not want to keep taking accutane.

Then my derm gave me some BP to use, and that started to clear me up. (This was years ago). Then I saw some ads for Proactiv and I tried that. Well, like most people, it cleared me up in the beginning, but it never worked well enough so that I could achieve perfect skin. I was on Proactiv for a year+.

After this, I started reading these messages board and your website, and thought I'd give this a try (plus Proactiv got to be a tad expensive for something that wasn't giving me perfect skin).

My skin is definitely used to BP, so I didn't feel a need to gradually step up the dosage or anything.

My CURRENT regimen is as follows:


Wash with cetaphil cleanser for oily/troubled skin.

Intense Gel No-C (if I have time, 1-2 hours)

Wash off with cleanser

Burt's Bee's Garden Tomato Toner

Copper Peptides serum

A fat fingerful of the BP Gel.

Eucerin day lotion with AHA


Wash with cetaphil cleanser

Burt's Bee's Garden Tomato Toner

Copper Peptides serum

A fat fingerful of BP Gel.

This regimen was keeping me clear for about 2 months! I was mainly dealing with the red marks, but I recently broke out in a few cysts, (similarly to what happened when I was on Proactiv). On top of that--the locations of the cysts are in some areas that always get them (my right temple and right cheek).

Thanks for your feedback, Dan!

[EDIT TO ADD] One more side note, After reading the 'biggest mistakes' and 'what to expect' pages, the only mistake I think I've done or am doing is not being gentle enough sometimes--but other than that, I have followed your regimen pretty closely. Could I be doing too much with the IG and copper peptides? I was going to also start glycolic peels to speed up the red mark clearing process...

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It could be you are using too many products. The more stuff you add in, the more chance for irritation breakouts. Maybe just get back to the basics of the Regimen and see if you can get clear again.

good luck!

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Thanks Brandy, but my cysts have already gone down, and I've been doing this current regiment for the last month or so, and it's just now broken me out...

The regimen has very much improved my skin.. i just want to get it to look good enough to be out in the daylight now:P

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It can take around a month for your skin to brake out. I personally hate the Intense gel that everyone praises so much. It's really greasy and stings like hell, and the benefits from it are minimal I believe. Like Dan said I would keep it as simple as possible, that I have found out is a big key to keeping yourself clear.

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