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Worst Thoughts You've Had Because Of Acne

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Just kind of curious to know how people's mindset becomes when they start having acne or have had acne for a while. I've seen people change a lot because of it but never bothered to ask what was going through their minds. Here are a couple of mine.

1. I wish everyone else had acne, that way people will know what suffering means

2. I wish I was dead so that I don't have to live with this face any more

3. What did I do to deserve this

4. I'd rather have any other disease in this world other than acne

5. I don't ever want to go out again

6. This is all your fault mom and dad because of your genetics. Why did you have me if you knew that I was going to end up with severe acne and suffer for it.

7. I"ll get my revenge once i get clear skin again

I try not to think like that anymore, but its too hard sometimes. And I'm not really a bad person but acne has really changed how i think and how i look at things. So can any of you relate??

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Guest TylerD

Well I have had that thought too, I want everyone in the world to have acne just like me so they know how it feels. And thats about it. Other then that im a happy camper biggrin.gif

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If the world has decided that I must look like a monster, then I might as well act like one as well.

+ thousands of others, really demented and disturbing ones that I'd probably get locked up in a mental instituion somewhere if anyone found out about them. And a lot of them aren't out of momentary-anger or sadness...they are simply quite true.

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the main 1 4 me is god hates me

also i have thought all the same thoughts as u

plus i have thought lots of other sick thoughts they are all pure evil not that they seem evil to me i am so used to all these things every1 wold be shocked at

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