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Vinegar for Bacne

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Day Three...I guess

Well, I wanted to wait a little bit cuz I had a sunburn and I didn't want to make it worse. So anyway, it's not that much better. Needs more time probably. Kinda smelly...but heck if it works I don't care.

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Guest Marino


i just got another break out on my body not to long ago.

I'm using the regime for my bacne as of today, should be good in a few months.

Anyway, last time i had bacne it took around 3 months of being clear to lighten up the red marks.

Summer is only 4 months away so i dont want to wait that long, i'm hoping once i get clear i can do something that could work better.

If you get some good results i'll be sure to try it out too.

Hope everything turns out right. And check out Mikka's threads.

Maybe you should try his exact method.

Take care, and i'll be sure to stick around.

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Yeah, I did read Mikka's thread but I'm using White Wine Vinegar instead of Japanese Rice Wine Vinegar...all vinegar is supposed to work just as well though so I'm hoping cool.gif

Gah...stupid school starts tomorrow, and my bacne is not gone. Well, what did I expect? Oh screw them, it's not like they all have perfect skin...So Day 4, Uh, not really that different. Maybe I should use the vinegar after I shower instead of before. I'm a genius...xP

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Also, for those reading this, keep in mind that I'm luckier than some because I don't have scars or red marks from my bacne, as it has never been cystic or anything. It shouldn't take as long for me as it might for someone with more severe acne. So if you do have cystic acne, don't get worried if it takes longer! razz.gif

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Oh yeah, I decided to add Baby Powder after I shower. I don't really know if it will help acne, but it can't hurt. It makes your skin nice and soft and reduces friction, so who knows? Maybe it will.

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Day 5: Redness reduced, but acne is still there. Also I have a huge zit on my shoulder. Could possibly be because of my monthly bitch [some people call it a friend; I don't know why]. But anyway, yesterday I broke out on my chest, yeah, I know, how nice, the day before school starts, but anyway, the vinegar cleared it overnight. Woo hoo for vinegar!!!

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