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Starting something new with Paula's Choice (PC)!

Hello everyone!

Just so everyone has a simple background of I, I am 15 years old in highschool with moderate acne. I've tried (what it seems like) everything under the sun to help with blackheads and acne. So far i've tried Cetaphil liquid cleansers one for sensitive skin and one for acne. I've also tried Clinique skin care line. With this I've tried the mild soap, the clarifying lotion in mild and in number 2, as well as Cliniques moisturizers Dramaticly Different Lotion and Moisture-In-Control moisturizer. Also with Clinique I have tried their Acne Solutions line. I've also used Neutrogena products and Clean & Clear (which just dried up my natural oils and I just didn't like them!) I've also used Proactive for about 1 1/2 yr and it worked for a while but then just stopped all together and it seemed like the products made my skin oiler or something, lol. I've also used Biore cleansers and spot treatments. As far as prescriptions go.. I just came off of R-A-M (Retin-A-Mirco) which made my skin way to sensitive, red as blood, oiler, and didn't help a hell a beans! I've also been on BenzaClin in 10% concentration, which was way too much BPO for my skin and it made my skin feel like cement was poured on it too! So here I am.. With a lot of excellent reviews on Paula's Choice (PC) from people on http://www.makeupalley.com and http://www.icompact.comand http://www.ivillage.comI decided to try it!


June 9, 03

My package came from http://www.paulaschoice.comI was excited to use this that night and I obviously did. B/c I just came off of R-A-M about 4 weeks ago with all the side effects that it did to me (!!!) I decided the night I orderd these PC products that I wouldn't even cleanse my face with anything b/c I wanted the reddness to go down and the burns to go down as well. It was a week that I didn't go anything but shower, and it really helped! Okay enough of this rambling, I used the PC products I ordered.

.::The PC products I ordered are as follows::.

1.) One Step Cleanser (Normal-oily-combination skin)

2.) 1% Beta Hydroxy Acid Lotion

3.) Final Touch Toner (Normal-oily-combination skin)

4.) Blemish Fighting Solution (( 2.5% BPO))

5.) Essential Non-Greasy Sunscreen/moisturizer SPF 15 (normal-oily-combination skin)

So I used the One Step Cleanser followed by the 1% BHA Lotion followed by the Blemish Fighting Solution. The cleanser is VERY gentle, almost as Cetaphil but not as running and watery! (which i hated!!). The 1% BHA Lotion is also VERY gentle on the skin. It doesn't dry up after you put it on your hands and it rubs in very easily into the skin and it absorbs quickly and dries mate. :) With the BPO it comes out very nicely from the bottle and again it isn't dried up by the time you put it on your fingers or on your forehead. A person needs about nickel size drop on thier finger tips to rub it in evenly onto the skin without drying up (unlike Neutrogena On the Spot) So far I give the 3 products I used a 2 thumbs up! Excellent.


June 10, 03

As the day went on I revieved to what my notice is, a semi big cystic pimple to the left above my right eyebrow!


June 11, 03

The cystic zit is almost half gone! I don't think it was due to the doubling the amount of BPO on my face the night of June 10th, which I didn't even do, I just put enough on or a 'thin layer' as some people say. I have to give credit to the 1% BHA as well b/c it is sucking up all my clogged pores which I think is a good sign for two reasons. 1.) It will make my skin clearer by sucking up the visble and invisble clogged pores 2.) Its doing its job! :D . I will definitely post back tomorrow with any changes or not!


Edit::I'm moving this post and my many other posts with this topic to the Regien Log board. Sorry to everyone that I posted this topic in the wrong place!

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