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Nature's Cure?

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Well, I was reading about Nature's Cure, and I don't really need it for my face -- But, I have had bacne for a while, but not too bad so I'd just always wear my hair down. But now it's worse, and is now spreading to my chest. So I can't really afford to buy Nature's Cure and all my face stuff. But since I want the body acne kind do you guys all think that maybe it would work for my face too? It only has slightly diff. ingredients.

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wich one do you mean

the nature cure two part treatment

or the pack of cleanser ,toner , and repair lotion

well if you want to be a beauty you have to go through hell evil.gif

but like you see your not alone , eusa_angel.gif

maybe you can buy it online

it's much cheaper

like drugstore.com

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Well, do you have any way of getting money to pay for it yourself? Because at the store, it's only like $6.00, and one bottle is supposed to last for a month. It's one of the cheapest acne treatments out there, and from what I've heard, it's supposed to work well. So if there's any way you can get $6.00 a month, then just buy it yourself and don't worry about your parents paying for it. Good luck.

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Yeah, I can afford $6 a month lol, but I currently buy other facial acne treatments, that actually work pretty well - my question was, does anyone know/think that maybe the body acne treatment would also work for your face, since I cannot afford to buy what I am buying now and Nature's Cure.

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