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Ok, today after school I hit the trails on my bike, and it started to rain. I biked home as fast as I could, but when I looked in the mirror, I saw that the BP had come out. My face was all white. I decided to take a quick shower and I just splashed a little water on my face, I didn't use any soap or anything.

Will I breakout now that I have no BP in my skin? It was in the skin from 8 am, to about 3 pm. I'll continue the regimen as always, but I'm just worried that I will breakout :D

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I think you'll be fine.....this is why.

It's not that the bp came "out" of your face....what was absorbed, cannot be unabsorbed. I know Dan's reg is based on the principle of MORE bp the better, but I think it was the residue of EXTRA unabsorbed bp that ran down your face. However the bp that did get into the skin won't stop working just bcs you got wet. Also you showered w/o subjecting your face to any additional irritation =D> {yeah Dan8!} so until you do your nightly regimen, think of the next 6-8 hours as a facial vacation....OR use this time to apply a mask {queen helene, or a honey mask} if you feel uncomfortable just chillin' til bed.

How neat is it to be caught in a thunderstorm? I used to love that when I lived in Jersey. NEVER happens in SoCal!


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