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skin bleaching to clear blackheads

anybody no any effective skin bleaching for blackheads....i had acne for like 4 years and the 4th doctor i went to finally prescibed me acne medicine that worked....tazorac and clindagel...they both worked...but they got a little to expensive to keep gettin prescriptions filled....anybody no a home remedy to clear the rest of these blackheads

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1) Squeeze it out (Wont scar and also free of charge)

2) Biore face or nose strips (Not too expensive)

3) keep putting your bp or whatever you are using for dealing you acne on the blackhead (Somehow withiiin time 1-2 weeks, you will see the blackhead comes to surface)

I usally do all three steps

I will first try to squeeze it out, if it doesnt look like is coming then stop. Dont over irriate your skin. Then try the Biore strip. If it still doesnt come out, this mean the blackhead is very deep in your pore, so i will do step 3 and try to bring the blackhead closer to the surface, so that step 1 an step 2 will work after that.

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Try running hot water onto a washcloth. Then wash your nose with cleanser and hot washcloth or exfoliating cloth. Scrub well, making sure to avoid the rest of your face with the hot washcloth and scrubbing (the rest of your skin isn't as tough as the skin on your nose and will become dry and irritated). This does the most for me in removing blackheads (more than masks and strips). If you squeeze them out, use a hot wash cloth first (you'll need to open those pores more), and don't squeeze too much or else you'll damage the skin. It's much better to buy an extractor for this though, since using your fingers may damage the skin if you're not really careful.

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