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Seriously guys, hear me out on my little thesis on acne:

Are society has set standards for what's acceptable and fashionable.

This affects people in many ways, for example, anorexia.

In england 1900's it was fashionable for woman to be large and plump smile.gif and it was sexy!

Now its fashionable in America for girls to be really skinny, which is unhealthy, and unecessary.

this same princible can be applied to acne.

Acne is only a problem if you make it a problem. It only becomes a major issue when it is extremeley severe and is painful. In most cases thou, it is curable by simply sitting it through. The more you wash, the worse it gets (yes, that's right, i am a fan of alex and his 'do nothing' solution).

Maybe are society has made it more acceptable to have perfectly clear skin. Well i say in 200 years acne will be the sexiest shit around. So there.

...And that's why you just don't look in the mirror and give it a rest...

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I've figured out that people who make these kinds of threads are either in lack of serious

A. Confidence/self esteem

B. Motivation

Or are in

A. A state of depression

B. Total Isolation

Serioulsy man, you don't think we know half of this already? Go out, do this, enjoy yourself, yadadayada...Seriously, what is the whole point of this? You honestly think we enjoy being depressed, isolated?

Cmon man, your not fooling anybody with your little speeches here, I know, you know, that your going through the same thing as us, and I bet you probably don't even go out either, hell, it's no wonder you keep making threads on here!

Either that, or your just some loser who has nothing better to do than post here.

Choose one scout.

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