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what is AHA and BHA?thanks

AHA is Alpha Hydroxy Acid and BHA is Salicylic Acid. They both are acids and help skin cell turnover, but Bha is also an acne treatment and an anti-fungal/bacterial as well.

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another difference is that alpha hydroxy acid is water soluable, and beta hydroxy acid is oil soluable. what this means is that basically AHA works on the surface of the skin, while BHA (salicylic acid) can actually get down into the pore and clear away the dead skin cells that line the inside of it. so AHA would be good for surface exfoliation, and BHA is more effective at fighting acne.

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Glycolic acid is an AHA or (Alpha-Hydroxy Acid). AHA's include are naturally found in fruit and in milk. Examples:: Glycolic, Lactic, Malic, Tartric, and Citric acids. What a AHA does to the skin is that it dissolves the intercellular glue that sticks to dead skin cells and it encourages the natural shedding of dead skin cells. AHA's over a period of time (at the least 2-3 months) can give your skin a more youthfull appearance, improve the texture and color of your skin, and it can give your skin a "Glowly" appearance. This is because AHA's boost the moisture retention of your skin. Use AHA's at night, not in the morning since they take the top layers of the dead skin cells off your skin and encourage new cells to appear, the sunlight can cause your skin to be more sensitive then it already is. Use BHA's or (Beta Hydroxy Acids) in the morning. BHA's are better for pimples, white heads, and blackheads because BHA's absorb the oil in the pore itself and they exfoliate lightly inside the pore to get rid of the clogged bacteria. You should try to incorperate a BHA or AHA or both (depending on how your skin reacts to these) in your daily skin care routine.


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