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i thought what might be helpful is for everyone to post thier regimen, skin type, whats working or not and ur success rate on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the best). hopefully u guys/girls will post so we can help each other.

-oily skin


-moderate acne

- had modearte for one year, b4 was clear with occasionall zit (the good ol days)

-Cheeks, Chin, Nose

my regimen

AM- Cetaphil Daily Face Wash

Olay Combo/Oily Mostrirezer

PM- BP 5% face wash

Olay Combo/Oily Mostririzer

Steam (Tiramisu's) 2-3 times per week

Follow Steam with Olay Deep Cleansing Mask or Queen Hlenes Mint Mask

REcently Added the Baking Soda exfoliation to my regimen cause i have flaky skin from BP. but not sure how to do it.. thoughts???

I also shave with sensor excel and cetaphil bar soap. my mom says i should shave more so the hair on my face doesnt trap oil.???!!??

i eat failry healthy and drink green tea but i am going to try to drink 4 tea bags a day consittenly. i am alkso going to improve water intake.

Problems- BP can dry out and leave dead skin

Not clear..duhh

Good Stuff-Cetaphil Daily face wash

Queen Hlens Mint Mask

Olay Mint Mask

What i CAnt use: Saliciylic Acid-breaks me out

Looking for good homemade masks and baking soda exfolaiton



POST yours

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HERE IS MINE heheheh eusa_dance.gif

- name: Robyn. lol

-combination skin-oily after moisturising, VERY dry before moisturising confused.gif

-17 years old (nearly 18)

-moderate acne

- had acne since i was 12-13ish, used to have pale, clear, sensitive skin. eusa_wall.gif

-lower cheek n chin area.

- using minocycline antibiotic tablets (in the past used oxytetracycline, dianette, benzamycin gel)

my regimen

AM- exfoliate with Clean n Clear gentle exfoliating daily wash, using THIS technique

apply Simple light moisturiser

wait 15 mins

apply BP 2.5%

apply Simple light moisturiser

PM- same, but sometimes miss out exfoliating.

Oh yeah this is how you do the baking soda exfoliating thing:


drink hot water with fresh lemon juice squeezed in (a few drops) yummy and healthy!

Problems: skin goes a bit peely.. i hate it

i wear concealer and as im oily, my skin clogs up quickly

Good stuff: clearoderm on-the-spot stuff (asda brand stuff- but i like it)

Success rate: been 2 weeks and now iv got 3 small pimples on my chinny, n red marks are fading. im so happy!!! my skins not been this clear in.. ages!! a few months ago i had really bad cystic acne on my chin n i took an overdose of my minocycline tablets cos i was so frustrated. never doing that again..

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i wash my face with clearasil ultra and use the clerasil cream for acnes. I also use the light (purple) suppose to kill bacteria, my mom bought it for me at a beauty salon. The light stings a little when its near the pimples, but it works pretty good

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