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Anyone else scared about starting term in SEP?

rolleyes.gif Now i should be posting this in the emtional effects forum, but i like the guys in this form much better (they're more maturer for some reason lol)

Now this post isnt going to help my confidence, but i know everyone is going back into education after a free summer of hiding away. and im scared. really scared. i need to clear up by october 3rd or im fucked! Im starting my 3rd year of university and im shitting my pants. no one at uni really saw me with acne this sever last year. now im just gonna be laughed at. and i know i aint gonna be able to enjoy my bad boy freshers week (for the ppl from states - this is the first week of uni where we par- tay! )

im scared - someone send me accutane quick. better yet, somebody just punch me in my face eusa_liar.gif hey, the bruise will distract ppl from the acne


love you guys

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Guest ldanielle

I've been trying all summer to get rid of my spots, I start the second year of my college course in September so I know what you mean (from the UK also). Been using Retin-A and things which seems to have got rid of most of the spots but I still have lots of redness and red marks which is pissing me off a bit, I really hate wearing make up as well. evil.gif I just ordered some Panoxyl BP gel though off Pharmacy2U, it came today so I'm putting that on hoping it'll fade them and stop anymore spots before I have to go back!! Maybe you should try the Regimen too if you haven't already, I read all the success stories on the site, loads of people seem to put in them that their skin improved majorly in like a week, maybe that could help, that's why I decided to try it.

Anyway, really, I don't think anyone will laugh, you should just relax a bit, it's probably worse than you think anyway. just chill out a bit and make sure you do enjoy that freshers week


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