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ThatGuy's 6 Month Accutane Journey

Ok, so where to start. Well, lets start about me, i'm currently 17 and have acne since the age of 11-12ish, and i've been on Accutane (twice), this is actually my 2nd course. The 1st course worked and was taken in the summer of 03' and ended beginning of 04', but the acne came back a few months after, which really gave me a different perspective on acne, I knew it wasn't going to be an easy fight after it came back. My derm gave me all the usual antibiotics again, and none worked once again, so early March of 05', he prescribed me Accutane, once again, and told me the chances of acne not coming back are more increased, which is always a good thing...

Anyways, Here's a little log I made for you guys to see my progress and how things went. First, let's start off with some side effects I had..

Side Effects.......:

- Dry Lips

- Emotional Changes

- Dryness (everywhere!!)

- Back Pains

- Bleeding Noses (sometimes they got bad!!)

- Clogged Nose (lot's of mucus!)


I do not have any week 1 pictures, sorry, I didn't get my Digi Cam until week 2!!

Week 2:




Week 3:




Week 4: - End of Month 1




Week 5:




Week 6:




-----Breakout Phase-----

Week 8: - End of Month 2



Week 10:



Week 11:



Week 12: - End of Month 3



-----End of Breakout Phase-----

Week 13:



Week 15:



Week 16: - End of Month 4


Start of Month 5 (recent pics) Week 20 and up....

Here are some of my recent pics of me....



...As you can tell, the redness is still there, but i'm working on making that go away, because it's damn annoying!!

Anyways, it's almost End of Month 5, so i'll keep the progress posted on here with new recent pics!


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Hey cool log man....and congratulations on your results...it appears you had the "initial" breakout after a couple months haha..not so "initial" after all with everybody I guess......What kind of dosage have you been on? If its changed, can you tell us how that was structured. Also, when you were on the first time, what was your dosage then?

It seems like stuff changed for you dramatically once the 4th month rolled around. Thanks for takin the time to post that.

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Week 24 - Let's see, my face is still basically the same from my Week 20 pics, but then again, my face always look the same, and sad thing is, my digicam broke about 3 weeks ago so all my really recent pictures are pretty much impossible to post here on the net. My lips are still incredibly dry,and my muscles still ache from time to time. Also, my ass is REALLY sore right now, my right cheek is, and I think it has something to do with tane, cuz I didnt fall on it or anything! It hurts... sad.gif

All in all, my cheeks are baby smooth at the moment, the redness is still there from the pimples in the past. Every now and then, I get a little pimple on there, like yesterday, I got a small one on the right side of my mouth, but now its all dried up and decreasing in size. My neck still has plenty of rashes, and is far from smooth, whenever I shave, my neck gets REALLY red, and I don't know how to stop this unless, I stop shaving, but I dont really want to do that.

I guess I can't really complain about the state of my face, as it has been so much worse, but than again, im not exactly jumping for joy either, however if God told me today that I can keep the face I have now, without having the risk to break out later in life, then I probably would accept it. Tane' been a really bumpy road from here, but overall, im happy with the results.

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Guest tenshigirl25

your skin looks really good eh..it must be tru when they say baby smooth skin..but your acne didnt look too serious to begin with as in not too many whiteheads or cystic? but really nice results.

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your skin looks really good eh..it must be tru when they say baby smooth skin..but your acne didnt look too serious to begin with as in not too many whiteheads or cystic? but really nice results.

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