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Clear skin is now mine.....

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Except for these stupid red marks. Well, today I now have clear skin.....no acne whatsoever.....the only problem is is like the 15 red marks on my face. Aside from these though, my skin is smooth as silk and it's feelin good.

Here is my regimen i used...

For the past 3 months I have used the proactive products


Cetaphil liquid facial cleanser


Equal parts vinegar/water solution with 2 ibuprofens dissolved (started this like a week and a half ago)

Neutrogena Multi-Vitamin Acne treatment (started this not too long ago also)

No moisturizer....this doesnt dry up my face and i am not an oily person


Vinegar solution


Here is where i go for a lot of stuff sometimes...but it all helps, no harm done that i can see

1.Cetaphil liquid soap

2.ProActiv BP cleanser

3.Tape method

4.ProActiv Toner

5.ProActiv BP cream

6.Let BP cream dry for about 30 mins then apply proactiv sulfur mask (3-4 times a week i do it)

7.After 15 mins wash off sulfur mask and apply Vinegar

8.Vinegar solution dries for about 20 mins then i apply Neutrogena Multi-Vitamin Moisturizer

This is a lot of stuff i do at night, but my red marks are fading VERY fast. My complexion is a ton better now :D)

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it’s just that usually one good cleanser should be enough , u are basically “washing� 3 times, one with cetaphil , then the BP and then the s. method 8-[

Is't strange .

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May I ask about two things with which I am completely unfamiliar? What is the tape method? AND Why do you use the vinegar water ibuprofen mixture?

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guinevere - do a search for 'vinegar' and 'tape method' in the scar board. In fact I think theres an faq post there somewhere that should have everything you need to know :D/

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Wow, yeah you use quite a lot of stuff, but as long as it's clearing and not irritating your skin! Glad to hear that you've found something that works for you :D/

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The hardest thing to battle is not the acne, but is the damn red marks that left behind for months and months and months and .......FUCK I HATE THIS! angryfire.gif

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Right "you"! This Regimen dramaticaly changed the rules : Before I though those redmaks was negligible in comparaison of acne pimples. I were sure of getting rid of those in months, contrary to that fucking pimples, that dayly reoccur.

Now we are able, thanx to Dan, to fade pimples in a few month and redmarks are then the more noticeable blemish we have...

Think about the time were your pimples used to destroy your life. And be happy and patient now !

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Well, I guess my point was that when you go to a derm or a doctor for your acne, they will have some medication for you to treat it.

But if you go to a derm or a doctor for your redmarks, all they answered you is patient and time will reward you. But How long? Months? yearrs?

And I do still see my marks not totally faded after half an year or perhaps I need to wait for like fucking 10 more years with these redmarks on my face? Damn it..

And btw there are no exact treatment for this is there? And I heard Vita-K and Netrogena multivitamin doesnt work for everyone. It works for some people and some dont. So this really makes me confuse on what to do with my red and brown marks left. #-o

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Hey You!

Don't ask you so much questions! Try one of this product and see...

Multivitamins works for my redmarks (but not for brown one).

If you can bear this product after 3 days of treatment, see the result after 2 week!

Good luck :D

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