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I have two good rants about food and drugs:

While I, with my meager salary, buy and cook healthy food for myself, my family is out at McDonald's, or, their favorite restraunt, KFC (The fridge is full of plastic containers!). On weekends, they usually have pizza or something delivery.

Now, I know this is not unusual. My friends' families are like that, too. Let me get to the point.

I can't eat that way. When I do, I have break outs and fainting spells. It would be nice to eat dinner together, as a family. It would also be nice to spare my paycheck and eat what my parents buy.

I want to convince my family to eat healthy.

My parents force me to work, and I use that money for food. I also pay rent. Did I mention that they suspect me of using drugs?

That reminds me of something. My sister is a meth junkie. Her boyfriend is a conman. And both of them are disrespectful assholes. They both talk about drugs in front of my relatives and always bring me into it.

My mom is a chain smoker. My clothes stink. People at school think that I smoke because my clothes stink.

Druggies are some of the most aggravating people you will ever meet.

This isn't really acne-related, but it is distressing. Compounded with my skin and physical ills, I'm an emotional wreck.

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ah, bud. i know how it is. my family and i are at such odds sometimes that it makes me want to move out of the house and live in my car. best advice i can give is just wait until you have enough money saved and then go apartment hunting - or, if you have cool friends, i'm sure they'll let you crash at their place for a while. either way, you'll be fine - just chill out, take a breather every so often. get out of the house if you need your space. they're probably just jealous that you have the willpower to accomplish what they cannot.

*sigh.* no reasoning with family, is there?

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OMG your family sounds just like mine except my father and brother are the druggies, while my mom chews tobacco.....Oh and my brother smokes.....So every other minute I am coughing up something.....


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