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The ONLY thing that has ever worked for me

I am finally at ease. I actually have been at ease for several months. I have discovered, over the years that I've had body acne, two factors that contribute to my body acne, and probably many other people's as well:

1) The body wash used

2) The way one dries off after the shower

The ONLY thing that I have ever found to work for me, and may very well work for many other people also, is this:

Use Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash, found HERE . The 24 oz bottle can be bought at WalMart for $5. Use this in the shower, once a day. Wash with a loofah. To avoid confusion, a loofah is THIS which can be bought at WalMart for like $1. A loofah is not THIS even though its called a loofah. The second one is too rough. The one you should get is made of plastic meshy material formed into a ball. I sometimes call it a poof. I don't know if they have an actual name. Also, I don't like sponges because they don't lather very well and they are also rough on the skin. Don't scrub like a maniac in the shower, just drag the loofah across your skin.

If you exercise or go outside and get sweaty, don't think you should take a shower to get all the sweat off. It doesn't matter at all. I have noticed sweat to actually HELP my skin if I leave it on. Showering more than once a day contradicts the entire point of this thread, which is NO IRRITATION. Irritation is the enemy. Many people like to say "Oh well my back skin is TOUGH, way tougher than my face, so it can handle whatever I put on it." NOT TRUE, at least for MANY people.

The other important thing to do, is only dry your back/arms/chest/whatever with a towel ONCE A WEEK. The rest of the week, air dry. This is important. Drying every day with a towel makes me break out. Never EVER drying with a towel is definitely better than drying every day with one, but I still get a pimple now and then. I've found the best combination is to dry with a towel once a week. And WHEN you dry with a towel, just run the towel LIGHTLY over the skin, don't scrub. I actually don't ever dry my upper arms with a towel, because if I do, I notice the NEXT DAY that I'll have a pink spot or two that means a pimple is threatening to form there. You can find your own exact way to dry, but with me, this is what works perfectly.

A common misconception about body acne that I've had over the years was to SCRUB HARDER. I remember scrubbing away at my skin in the shower for several minutes, with those acne body washes with beads or without beads or dial antibac body wash or tea tree body wash or this or that (I've tried a LOT over the years, including many face washes). Then I would scrub like crazy with a towel to dry off. I didn't realize what I was doing was the worst thing I could have done.

I advise anyone wanting to try this to give it at least a month before you make any kind of decision. The best thing to do would be to buy a bottle of the body wash and use it until it's gone. Then make your decision if it works or not. It should look like it's slowly improving. I actually advise to not look in the mirror for a few weeks while you're starting. Just ignore your back/other areas totally. Just doing that alone will cause much of your stress to go away. Then after a few weeks, look in the mirror, and I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised.

I used to have so much worry about hiding my body acne. Now I have none of that anxiety. I seriously have tons of stress gone now. People without body acne don't realize how much stress it can cause a person to have. I really want to help everyone get to the point that I'm at now, because it's great to finally not have to worry.

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Weird...so why do you think a towel will give zits? What if someone just gently wraps it around them and that's it to dry off? Also, have you ever used Olay sensitive skin body wash? Cause that's what I was using and I figured it's pretty similar to Dove sensitive skin body wash, but that didn't have any affect on my acne.

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Drying with a towel irritates the skin somewhat. I've tried patting dry as well and it seems to give the same effect as toweling off. I think airing dry is important.

I've never used Olay Sensitive body wash. I see it every time I go buy a bottle of Dove, because it's right next to it, but I've never been tempted to buy it because Dove works so well for me. I don't want to mess up a good thing.

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