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Interesting post. Benzoly Peroxide (BP) has worked for many of us here on the regimen, including myself. I don't think you should judge a product just for you. Whilst it did burn my skin at first and peel the skin in the first week or so, it has subsided and i'm now seeing the benefits. Stick with the BP over time, hopefully you are on the regimen, it does pay off.

Once you get over the first week or two, things do get better, patience is the key!

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Agree with bern. BP does work for most...but not of course for all. If it doesn't seemed to have worked for you run through a bit of a checklist to determine why it isn't working:

* are you allergic

* are you using a concentration higher than 2.5% - don't

* are you using it near your eyes or on your neck - don't

* did you start out with only a very small amount - you have to otherwise it will burn

* did you ramp up your usage over a long period so your skin builds up tolerance - you have to otherwise it will burn

* are you using a moisturiser - you have to because BP dries your skin and make it peel

* are you using it in conjuction with another topical med - DON"T. Make sure your cleanser and moisturiser are free from active ingredients. Particularly salicylic acid which exaggerates the burning/peeling effect.

Following the regimen I have now been completely clear for 4 months.

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number one reason why people say it does not work: they irritate their skin, causing oil overflow production and acne. this is why a moisturizer and gradual increase in bp dosage (not a sudden one) is so much emphasized in this board. without moisturizer i could claim too that it does not work for me.

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i'll have to agree with them. benzoyl peroxide is one of the most effective non-prescription treatments for acne there is. it's helped tons of people (including myself) clear up their complexion. i also want to back up what they said, too much BP is bad. i used to use johnson&johnson clean and clear (in the purple tube), which is 10% BP. it was like using nothing, it irritated my skin and caused more breakouts because it appeared as though my skin was trying to overproduce oil because my skin was so dried out. recently i have switched to neutrogena clear pore cleanser (the one that doubles as a mask).. this has 3.5% BP and works like a charm. not nearly as drying as the other, and my skin is not freaking out letting the floodgates of oil loose to compensate. less is more.

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I just wanted u all to know benzoyl perioxide burns the skin it dosent work.

Well number one that is YOUR opinion of BP.

Number 2.) Make sure to use a 2.5% concentration of BP first before a higher dosage of BP. Higher concentrations WILL irritate and burn the skin (esp if you have never been on BP before!!) Always, anyhow, stick with a 2.5% concentration of BP, it works gentler and more effectivly as 5-10% concentrations of BP.

Number 3.) Apply a THIN layer of BP on the skin not globs of it. If you have seen Dan's picture of how much BP you should use (AFTER) you get used to BP, DON'T DO IT!! This in a way is like putting on a 5%concentration of BP. Again irritation, redness, burning, and more acne. A nice thin layer that is rubbed into the skin gently and EVENLY will do its job.

Number 4.) If any of these precoutions above are met (after 1-2 weeks) and are still resulting from you burning sensation then it could b that you are just allrgic to BP. I know this can suck but don't fear there are other ways of treating your acne. Try Tree Tea Oil, Salicylic Acid commonly known as BHA, or Glycolic Acid commonly known as a AHA. Glycolic acid is an AHA or (Alpha-Hydroxy Acid). AHA's include are naturally found in fruit and in milk. Examples:: Glycolic, Lactic, Malic, Tartric, and Citric acids. What a AHA does to the skin is that it dissolves the intercellular glue that sticks to dead skin cells and it encourages the natural shedding of dead skin cells. AHA's over a period of time (at the least 2-3 months) can give your skin a more youthfull appearance, improve the texture and color of your skin, and it can give your skin a "Glowly" appearance. This is because AHA's boost the moisture retention of your skin. Use AHA's at night, not in the morning since they take the top layers of the dead skin cells off your skin and encourage new cells to appear, the sunlight can cause your skin to be more sensitive then it already is. Use BHA's or (Beta Hydroxy Acids) in the morning. BHA's are better for pimples, white heads, and blackheads because BHA's absorb the oil in the pore itself and they exfoliate lightly inside the pore to get rid of the clogged bacteria.

I hope I helped you! 8) If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please don't hesitate to email me at [email protected]

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