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bactrim septra Doctor?

hi im going to doctors in one hour and was wondering what to ask for i want mino or bactrim septra but i wanted to know can doctors prescribe septra or does a derm have to???

im in the UK please help

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Bactrim/Septra is just an antibiotic, any family doctor should be able to prescribe it.

I tried it and had to stop due to an allergic skin reaction. Some people experience an extreme allergy to Bactrim known as Steven-Johnson syndrome, so be careful of any symptom that might indicate allergy. Those that can tolerate it seem to find it more effective than the other types usually prescribed for acne.

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I know you already went to the Dr. by now but I thought I'd share my experience anyway....

Minocin used to work for me quite well but doesn't any more. I was literally one step away from going on Accutane when my derm. Rx bactrum and now I've been on it for almost 2 weeks. I do think it is helping....I'm a little broken out now but I have been under extreme stress lately (and plus I went on a picking rampage several days ago) so neither of these things have helped matters at all. I'm hopeful about it working!!!

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