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Ok well, here's the deal. I went to get my wisdom teeth taken out on Monday (today is Sunday), and for the first few days afterwards things with my acne weren't too bad. I even commented to my mom about how it seemed like I wasn't breaking out despite all the swollen-ness of my face. But these last few days have been killer.

I am in the midst of probably the worst break out of my life (I've had acne for about 4 years) and I don't know how to stop it! Every morning I wake up with (honestly) 4 or 5 -new- whiteheads (they come up in places that looked perfectly fine the night before). Also, my skin in general is feeling very strange. I've always had really oily skin, but it's never been like this. It's never been this thick and coating before, and it's all over, not just the T-zone where it usually was.

I've been using the Capsiderm stuff that everyone seems to have been trying lately, and I just had to stop because I can't tell if maybe that is whats breaking me out so bad?

Has anyone else ever had something like this happen to them after surgery? Could it be the IV/ anesthesia? I don't understand what's going on, this has never happened to me before. Any ideas? eusa_eh.gif

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Well if it's the capsiderm I hope it'll clear up now that I've stopped using it. It's strange because I've never had this bad of a reaction to anything. I don't have any allergies or anything like that so I don't understand what's going on. eusa_shifty.gif

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Hmm... I had my wisdom teeth taken out about 9 days ago. They were actually all impacted wisdoms (they had to cut them out completely). I actually saw an improvement after the procedure... I am thinking it was due to the pennicilin that I was prescribed. Seems like it's back to normal now though. Nothing more than usual.

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