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i have been using BP and differin pretty much everyday and every night for the last 4 weeks and my acne is worse then when i started, my acne isn't severe but its pretty bad i apply it exacty the same way they show on the video, i think i am done with the stuff

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im currently in my 6th week of the regimen, my acne got a fair bit worse in week 4 and week 3 but now it is quite calm with only around 3 pimples on my face.

the rest are just red spots and i can notice the clearing each day

just stick to the regimen a tad longer to perhaps hit the 2 month mark, see if it improves

hope it does

goodluck smile.gif

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It's tough to say because you're not on the regimen. Differin is a retinoid, and retin-A, another retinoid, can make your skin worse before it gets better. I'm not sure if this is the same with Differin, but you might want to ask your doctor. In my personal case, my skin never really got much better after it got worse on Retin-A.

Even if you were on the regimen, however, it often takes a couple/3 months to work for some people, so patience is in order.

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