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So tell me how acne has affected your life.......

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I was just thinking of what a big impact acne has had on my life. I mean its made me depressed, worried, sad, and most of all isolated. I don't talk to people as often as I should because of it, and it makes me have low self-esteem. That's my life...

Lets here about yours...

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this has made me learn about the lessons in life... lessons such as money will buy u a clear face. all u have to do is buy:

1000 bp 2.5% for a lifetime stock coz thats how long u will need it,.

it has cleared my face so clear but now i think that my face relies on this bp... if i stop using bp, about 4 zits when i wake up.

my face is not very reliant on this bp... i paid 8$ for my 1000 bp, it cost me 8,000$ for a clear face for a lifetime. i had to sell my pc just to buy that... and now im using a rent-a-pc nearby. but its ok i like to clear my face,,, i like to touch it,,, its nice to touch ur face... it feeels nice. the zits that kinda itch, dont hesitate to scratch it. scratching doesnt make ur acne worse, its just a myth. scratch away!

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it made me a better person.. if i wasn't for acne i would have been a shallow idoit..

it made me realize that money can't buy you everything.

cant buy your way to a new face. its impossible

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acne has taught me..

nobody's perfect...I can spot a blemish at 4 yards.

there'll be no cure as long as dermatologists & doctors can feed off the financial anxiety of our pain.

Confidence is fickle & sometimes skin deep.

Nobody understands the pain of your self conciousness. Nobody.

Less is more {currently recovering product junkie}

All zits are not created equal. In fact, some are like their OWN little diseases.

There are NO ABSOLUTES, not everything works, what works sometimes doesn't, not everything works for everybody.

the biggest thing I learned tho is ...AT ONE POINT YOU HAVE TO PICK YOUR KIND OF LIFE, ONE BASED ON THE EXTERNALS OR ONE BASED ON THE INTERNALS....that point w/ acne is harder to come to because our "Externals" seem to plot against us and out growth. You almost have to overcome your own need to hate your acne, because since it's on your face, it's the same thing as hating yourself.


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acne is a social killer...definitly.....i can honestly say that hey if i had NO ACNE at all i would defnitily be a different person......its all about perception from your point of view and from others poiints of view....especially if your a teenager....of course we all look at our skin and say....dude, only if i didnt have this crap on my face...and geeez man....acne has definitly held me back from talking to this girl or that girl, and it has probably held me back from that girl talking to me....u might thinkk that im a shallow person because all i seem to think about are looks....but KEEP IT REAL....its all about the first impression and hey....if u meet someone and they dont like what they see cuz of ur acne...then they probably wont wanna meet u again...no matter how great ur dam attitude is....like....i know....i got lots of friends...and i know they dont care about what my skin is like...but man...outta all 20 of us...im like the only one with acne....so i stick out in a way....but man acne is tough.....sometimes i would stay home and not go out because of the acne...and holy sht....my acne isnt even bad....2 or 3 zits here....i mean crap...i see ppl on the streeet and in my school...and i say....thank God my skin isnt like that....i know that my skin isnt bad at all....but man....only if it could be clear. ...its the marks from old pimples...they stay on my skin for months at a time...no exxageration...i dont know how to get rid of the marks.....and i know they arent scars cuz they go away.....just imagine what ur life would be without acne.....no having to wake up in the morning to pop those zits....no having to put up with BP and all these dam special diets from not eating this or that.....imagine sleeping over at someones house...and not having to worry if the puss in a zit is going to come to the top and someone might see.....man....just imagine...acne is a killer [-o<

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Shankman, i know what you mean when you have all these friends who don't have any pimples at all and being the only one with the problem. Being able to look at yourself in the mirror in the morning and not having to see anything but clear beautiful skin. Sleeping over a friends house and not having to worry about if your pimples will look really bad when you wake up in the morning. I suffer with that at the moment. But my skin isn't as bad as other people that i see out there. My skin is beautiful compared to them. I guess that's the only comfort to me. I don't have acne that makes indentions into my skin,just red marks. And although i hate the red marks i am so greatful that i don't have indentation scars (ice pick). I can't wait untill i get over the pimple stage, being an adult and not having to worry about it anymore. I'm nearly there....i wish i'l hurry though!

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yea...same with me....i dont get the big bursting cysts or big zits on my cheeks and stuff....i just get white heads here and there with the marks.....yea im hoping and trying to get past this stage as fast as possible...but everyone knows how hard it is to stay away from chocolate....but i can stay away from the french fries and stuff.....man this is tough.....

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Wow, very sensitive topic for me. Only the regimen makes me able to deal with that...

From 12 to 15, I had acne polymorphe, very bad one. Then if some ppl had acne in this age, very few were as impacted as me. And what a good boy didn't matter, everybody used to laugh at me, and my own friends too. It was definitely the best social-killer I known.

From 16 to 18, nobody laughed at me anymore, but my acne was as hard as it was before. I tryed 2 Roaccutane high dosage (60mg/day) cures, that maid my skin very stinging and red, more red than it could be with a usual sunburn. People see me like a extraterrestrial.

From 19 to 24, it hasn't be a problem to form friendships. It was better acne, but hard enough to make me feel bad and having very bad skin.

But from 12 to 24, there is a thing that never changed : It dramaticaly destroy all my sentimental life, in a period where it is essential to have one. Why ? Cuz I just were a shallow man ? No. Did I think appearance was the only think that made somebody attractive? No. But be sure when you have severe acne on your face and you're a bit shy, your self-esteem and the attraction that have the other sex for you isn't strong enough to pick semebody up and to be picked up. As far are you an very interesting guy in your heart and in your mind, girls see you as a perfect friend, a brother-like sometimes, but didn't ever envisage to be your girlfirends...

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" : So right, acne made me spiritually stronger, due to those multiple sentimental and social failures. It could had made me becoming insane.

Here is what acne learned me : It's better being beautiful and stupid shallow person, than being ugly but clever, subtle and pleasant one. Your life will be more cheerful.

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I certainly wouldn't spend 15 minutes every morning putting on makeup; nor would I spend the amounts of money I spend on skin care products and cosmetics. I spend more time on my hair too, because I have to draw attention away from my spackled on face. I hate dealing with loose powder (I've finally switched to mineral powder to get something non-pore clogging with decent coverage, and only a few very, very expensive mineral cosmetic companies sell pressed mineral powder). It's not even high enough coverage for me...I started mixing it with moisturizer to apply as cream, and then put on the powder layer.

And all those horrible face-drying medications I've tried. And my acne is relatively mild.

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