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Here is a little trick I use to used to increase benzoyl peroxide penetration or to help reduce the redness and swelling on a new pimple.I would rub a ice cube over the area I was going to apply the BP or newly formed pimple for several minutes.It really helped give it a try.

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I found that tip in Dr. Fulton's book on acne.It sure seemed to help me .it also helped the red spots fade faster.


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I am going to try this... how long do you do it... cuz ice is cold...


I have a cryocup that holds the ice.. The book said to apply the ice for 2 to 3 minutes which is what I did but I would start out at 30 seconds and build up slowly.It is cold and can make your skin red until the skin toughens.It really helped those painful under the skins bumps go away faster and reduced the pain.

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WOW 2 - 3 mins... 15 secs was hard enough... I have a HUGE CYST by my nose that also has lil white heads of top of it.. it is very painful... I accidently hit the cube a lil hard on it and it hurt very bad.... but I will build up to keeping it on longer... cause it did seem to help.

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Guest ldanielle

Never tried that on spots but I will do next time... though sometimes I run an ice cube over my face after I've washed it and before I put moisturiser and make up on... because it closes all the pores and gives your face a nice refreshed feeling cool.gif

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