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Sun + BP = Allergic reaction?

I've been on BP a few months now and decided to take a run at staying off it this past week. It seems as if I've been getting a bit too much sun lately, and I now have a mild sunburn on and somewhat around my nose. The odd bit is that I've been experiencing a "rash" of small bumps, smaller and far less raised than acne, on and around my nose and they've been continuing up to my forehead. These small bumps are not off-colored, nor are they highly raised, but they're beginning to become vastly numerous.

I also started adding in very light treatments of 30% glycolic acid a couple weeks ago, and I probably wasn't as liberal with sunscreen/moisturizer as I should have been. My last one-and-a-half-ish minute peel was over two and a half weeks ago; long before I started experiencing these odd bumps and before any sunburns.

Has anyone experienced this in any sort before? I understand that some of you have experienced mild breakouts on sunburned areas, but what I'm experiencing is not acne, at least not entirely. I've made an appointment with an allergy/skincare clinic Monday morning, but I was curious if I could get a few answers here before getting a diagnosis (hopefully) then.

For clarification's sake, I started seeing these non-red bumps four or five days before I began noticing the effects of my sunburn. I also have no sign of any sunburn on my forehead, which is also beginning to get a few bumps.

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Its bad to wear BP in the sun without SPF lotion.

That is one of the basic rules of Dan's system.

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