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It doesnt seem to be working!. HELP

i have been following the regimen for 2 weeks now and i think my skin looks clearer on my forehead yet i seem to have more breakouts of little spots and bumps in other areas of my face.

Do i still need to give it time or is it not working for me?

(2x daily)

i use Neutrogena face bar, then wait 15 mins then put on Oxy on the spot (2.5%) and the 5-10 mins later i put on the moisturiser.

My face looks really shiney all day though cause of the moisturiser and makes me feel self conscious incase people think it is greasy.

Does anyone have any suggestions please??

8-[ [-o< ](*,)

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I do not like Neutragena face bar at all. I use Cetaphil liquid (actually the Walmart Equate brand). Make sure you use tons of the BP. Also, make sure you are using a decent moisturizer. What brand are you using? Also, be sure not to use a rough wash cloth. Instead of using my hands, I use a super gentle baby wash cloth.

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hi guys, thanks for your advice.

I am in the Uk so I have been using the products i could get hold of here.

I have been using Neutrogena bar as i said and then Oxy on the Spot (2.5%0 and Neutrogena Daily Moisture Lotion SPF 15.

I am not sure how much BP to put on. I put enough on so that my face looks white and then let it soak in. My skin is a little dry but not like I have been reading other people have been getting.

Luckily last week i had to go to NY for work and i managed to pick up the Purpose Bar which i am now starting to use. I also picked up the Neutrogena on the Spot lotion. i got tinted by accident, is that still ok do you think.

I am going to persist with it cause i feel desperate to feel normal again and want to be able to talk to people without feeling totally self conscious all the time!!

I have not been scrubbing my face, though i find it hard not to squeeze blackheads and little pimples still.

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I think your tinted Neutrogena On-the-Spot should be fine. I think there was a post about it not being as effective as the vanishing kind, but on the other hand I have heard that the tinted kind conceals your blemishes very well. Depends on what you prefer! :D/

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