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Has anyone tried this combo for scars??

Hello everyone!

I have some good and bad news!

Here's the good news:

I just wanted to share this with everyone. About a year ago, I was really depressed about my acne but more depressed about the zillions of 5+ year old scars and hyperpigmentation (I kid you not) on my face. I had the face color didn't match to the neck crap. I took it upon myself to do some heavy research on how to clear up my face. I came across microdermabrasion and thought how interesting this technique looked. I had a job at the time so I decided to save up the money to get a treatment done at the dermatologist's office.

After my first treatment, I didn't really notice much of anything. Oh and by the way it doesn't hurt at all! It's just extremely expensive. My dermatologist prescribed me 2 things. Benza-Clin and Epiquin which is a 4% hydroquinone lightener and she gave me a sample of this thing called hydroplex moisturizer (i think that's the name). Religiously, every morning and night I would follow the same regimen. In the evening, I would cleanse my face, use an astringent to clean out any dirt on my face, then i would put epiquin on my entire face then follow with the hydroplex and on top of that i used sunscreen. In the evening I would cleanse, use astringent, wear the epiquin, then I put benza-clin all over my face. When I woke up in the morning, you could tell a huge difference after using the benza-clin. I did this everyday until my next microdermabrasion treatment which happened to be the following week. I had the treatment done 4 times within just 1 month and my face went 99% absolutely completely clear with no scars or acne. I'm talking 5+ year scars completely gone, plus that melasma looking thing above my upper lip. I think the main thing that worked was the benza-clin and the epiquin together. Has anyone else done this? Please let me know if this also worked for you.

The bad news:

I'm out of a job and am not on my parent's insurance anymore and my acne has come back a good while after I ran out of the benza-clin stuff which only lasts like a month =( and costs $50 for a small little jar. Oh and the epiquin costs like $80 but if you go to the dermatologist they usually have a bunch of samples you can get for free. But since i don't have insurance i'm outta luck. I need to find something just as affective at a much cheaper price. Does anyknow know of a product over the counter that works just like benza-clin? Please let me know. Thanks.

I forgot to mention. I have medium/dark olive complexion. I'm half indian and half antiguan. The type of scars that I had were just flat and hyperpigmentation brown marks.

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