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What Do I Do????

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hey guys, this is my first ever post on any forum lol, but my acne is really bad sad.gif

I am 16 years old and have had acne since i wa about 13-14, this acne is mild to severe with big cysts and scars, i have been given lots of antibiotics by the doctor, lots of creams and gels including benzamycin, dalcin T toical solution and lotion. i have currently started taking differin cream at night and another anti-biotic my doctor prescribed, but i still have no luck, i have combination skin but when i come out of the shower my skin is reely ddry, peeling, and flaky, i just put moisturiser on afterwards and i get shiny skin.

I have not started the regimen but i wanted advice on what i should take, e.g, what cleanser which moisturzer and bp gel?

Please help, I will greatly appreciate smile.gif


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Use cetaphil antibacterial moisturizing bar, than the bp gel, than complex 15 moisturizer.

start once a day but I would quickly move up to twice, morning and evening so you can hopefully expediate the results. Those are good products and should hopefully work, make sure you follow the instruction closely

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hey thanks again dishstar lol, yeh i was thinking of doing that seen as i saw someone posting a review of the BP stating tht they took differin at night.

So thanks again much appreciated wink.gif

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I am starting to think that if I had just dealt with the peeling caused by Retin-A or Differin, I would not have as many scars. I think I cut back on my own to stop the peeling and wasn't able to get the full effects of these medicines. I know you don't like facing people when you've got dead skin showing or bad acne, but I think the dead skin is the lesser evil. Try what your doc prescribed you and do it perfectly. Don't over moisturize either. Just give it 3 to 4 months to see if it works for you.

Buy a pair of tweezers and carefully pull away the really noticeable flakes, that's what I do. I'm on the regimen now, but like I said, I don't think I gave REtin-A or Differin a chance.

They don't work for everyone, but if you ever try Accutane, it's gonna make your face peel too.

As far as the regimen, it is working for me very well BUT the 2.5% that I bought at the store didn't help me...I haven't tried Dan's BP. I switched to panoxyl 10% aquagel because it isn't overdrying my skin and I stopped breaking out.

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