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Clearing it up the "natural way"

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Before coming here i was reading about how benozyl peroxide and all those unnatural chemicals actually worsen the skin over time.

This site gives the "natural" alternatives to clearing the skin.I just went out and bought a bottle of tea tree oil body wash.They say its a natural antibiotic.Ive been using proactiv for some time now and it got better....but now its not even working as i am in no way clear.My skin is naturally greasy and they say this works so ill have to see...http://www.acne-advice.com/products/skin_care/faith/tea_tree_wash/index.shtml

Anybody else use naturall products to keep clear?

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decleor ylang ylang oil helps calm inflammation and controls your oil

check out my regimen in personal regimen

also try the Claudie foaming cleanser

it is made from grape seed extracts it is very gentle on your skin..

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I only use natural products these days. I believe all these harsh high street products do more harm than good. I have been all natural for a while but I still break out ever so slightly so now its tane's time to do its thing.

The one thing I noticed when using all natural products for a few weeks was how much better my skin looked in general. Whilst using harsh products I seem'd to have a permanently red face, that looked irritated which made my acne look 10 times worse. A few weeks of all natural and my face looked much calmer & normal.

The one I use thats not naural is 'cetaphil cleanser', which doesnt iritate my skin the slightest.

These days im learning a lot about about essential oil's, and I love them. Essential oils have many benifits to all sorts of health issues.

The ones I personaly recomend for the skin are

- Tea tree

- Lavender

- Lemon

- Geranium

- Frankincense

- eucalyptus

- Bergamot

- Carrot seed

- Chamomile

- Manuka

- patchouli

Some people cannot tolerate any oil whatsoever - be carefull. Plus most people will say no more than 5 essential oil's per product.

Then you will need a carrier oil, and most people will recomend 'Emu oil' and so far I agree, no problems with it.

Then you will need to research a bit, and find out stuff like how many drops of EO per how many ml of carrier oil ect. Then you can go ahead and make your own creams/oils.


For those of you with really dry damaged hair (people on tane will know the feeling) put some jojobba oil in your hair conditioner/or by itself, and massage in to hair and leave a few minutes - then rinse. It makes your hair super soft and shiney.

Do you know the feeling when your skin feels greasy and dirty? You dont want to keep washing coz it drys your skin out, the answer is a skin spritzer. You pretty much get hold of a sray bottle. Buy some floral water (lavender's good) add approx 10 drops of EO per 4oz of floral water, then give your face a spray to freshen up. Providing you added all the right EO from the list above, then you got yourself a Highly antibacterial,soothing,refreshing,stimulating,regenerating,balancing,stabilising

rejuvenating,revitalising skin spray. Shake well before use (mix the oils in).

I have done enough babbling now.

Theres my 2 cents wink.gif


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