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yocheckoutthisrides "Dan's Regimen"/benzaclin log

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Hello all. I found this board a few days ago and after looking at the regimen and all of the results, I thought I'd try it. I bought the Purpose bar, and the on-the-spot treatment but I need to get the moisturizer which I'll do later today...

some background on myself. I'm 14, I have acne that isnt too bad. Few red marks on my face and red marks, blemishes and a few active pimples on my upper back and chest. I just want to clear these up and hopefully prevent any acne in the future. Last summer I was prescriped E-'something' (medicated pads), differin gel and benzaclin. It worked well, I guess. I didn't notice too much different but it seemed to go along ok. I decided to take nature's cure two months ago and I just have to say that it is the biggest rip-off I've ever seen. The 5% bp wasnt too bad but it came in a small tube with these "pills" that I'm sure were just placebo. I gave up yesterday on this regimen.

anyway so I guess I'll be posting pictures as the weeks progress. anyone have any suggestions on picture hosting sites? foreverfree.com shut down

okay so i guess day 1 will be tomorrow...



I'm also going to use the lemon and vinegar thing... can I use this with the regimen?

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Hi Nick,

I too recently started the regimen (Day 6) and have been more than pleased (that is an understatement). If I were you, I would probably just start out with the regimen, as a lot of people tend to get pretty dry, and further drying (and lemon) could cause burning and discomfort. I would STRONGLY suggest waiting until after your skin adjusts to the BP.

Too much + too soon may = pain

Take it slow, and be patient!

Best of luck...I think you'll be happy with your results!


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Alright I've used the regimen for one whole day now. I'll update weekly on the progress and if the server I have webspace on has enough bandwith (50megs.com) ill post pictures. Alright, well I think I'm going to change up the regimen a little bit.


-wash with Purpose Bar (works really well... skin is a lot smoother)

(Wait about 5 minutes) - can't miss the bus

-apply Neutrogena On-The-Spot 2.5% bp to affected areas (back, face, chest)

(5 mins)


note: i seem to be using up a lot of the small tube because of all of the areas i have to cover but oh well.


-wash with Purpose Bar

(Wait 15 minutes)

-apply Nature's Cure "vanishing cream" (I still have a tube and a half left). It contains 5% bp, aloe vera and allantoin(?) to only back and chest

-apply 2.5% bp to face

(10 mins or so)



(im too lazy so its just the same nightly routine)

Anyway, I used the regimen for the first time yesterday, and today my skin feels a lot smoother and not as oily.

BEFORE pictures



*EDIT* ahh damn 50megs wont let me hotlink. copy the shortcut and paste the link into your browser

my face is fine. never has been too bad so im not going to waste time posting pictures of that.

so yeah... week 1...

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i wasnt going to post until sunday but i have a question

(by the way, my skin is showing minor improvement if anyone even reads this. i am running out of bp only after a couple of days :D)

i have this spot on my chest that i believe is a cyst or something like it. its a spot where i once had a pimple and now its like a small bump on my chest. it's soft/firm and the skin outside of it is glossy. it is also a little bit painful. is this a cyst? and if so, how can i get rid of it?

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Ok, well I guess no one responded to my cyst question.

Week 1

I've kind of been slacking off on the regimen the past few days because of finals and school drawing to an end. Then, I will start doing it all the time. My skin is clearing up in a few spots and the results look promising so only time will tell...

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Week 2

Well, the regimen seems to be working very well. My skin is smooth, and since it's really only been one week (considering that last week I didn't follow it through too well and I left my purpose bar in the shower so most of it wasn't left, hehe) I have still seen minor improvements in red marks but I should be expecting mroe drastic changes within the next week. I am thinking of having my doctor prescribe benzaclin for me, i had used it last summer but I realize now that I didn't put a generous amount onto my skin, so the results weren't very good. That, plus lemon + vinegar and maybe honey, I should be expecting results very soon! :D

I'm excited

Well, I'll keep you (whoever you may be). If you read this, please I urge you to comment on my progress. It only keeps me educated on what I should/shouldn't be doing. Thanks!

*EDIT* That "cyst" I thought I had, I guess was just two pimples that prematurely healed in the same spot. So after using the regimen for about a week, last night, after taking a shower, while watching the new tom green show (great show), I saw that the "cyst"-like spot had puss coming out of it, so I squeezed the rest of it out and now its flat, normal skin. woohoo

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I totally believe in nature's cure... ive only been using it for two weeks and my acne has almost disappeared, it may just be the cream, but ive been using bp ever since my acne started and it never got any better. so i totally dont think the pill is a placebo! it takes two or more weeks to see results, so dont expect ur acne to magically disappear after two days.

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ok well it hasn't been a week but my skin seems to be clearing up a little bit more. I ran out of bp the other day so I need to get some more but the red marks on my chest and back are fading to light-red/pinkish color which is always a plus.

i think i am going to start the lemon method. should i also use vinegar? i want to "speed up" the process so I think I'm going to use that as well.

All I can say at this point is so far, so good :D

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i've been so busy lately... now i don't have any bp so i've been using just the purpose bar. i've been seeing really good results. red marks are turning pink and it just seems to be slowly disappearing. i'll keep everyone updated.

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i'll post some more pics soon.

i am getting really frustrated. it's hard to tell whether i'm seeing results or not. my face looks fine. but the red marks on my chest seem like they go away but they don't.

i am going to follow the regimen precisely twice a day unlike i've been doing because i really, REALLY want to get rid of this.

i am going to start the lemon method soon for red marks. for now, i am using oxy 10 because it seems to work for me. it doesnt dry my skin excessively.

question for anyone... there are some pimples i have that just hurt more than others. like a shrp burning pain if you touch it. i don't know, i've had soem of these during the year but i think they're just caused by stress. also, i have two white dots on my nose that won't go away...??? i read on this site what they are but anyone know how to get rid of them?



-apply honey (see my post in "the regimen")

-wash off

-wash with purpose bar

-apply bp (alternating between 2.5% and 5% (if i can find this anywhere) or 10% in certain circumstances.


-apply honey

-wash off

-wash with purpose bar/shave with purpose bar

-apply bp

-apply moisturizer

*he lemon method - ill probably end up getting that 'RealLemon' stuff in the lemon squeeze bottle or something and put a few drops in my water all day long so roughly 6-8 glasses

if i stick to that, i think i will be ok

any comments?

(i've had 291 views and only a few people have actually replied!... please comment because i really don't know what i'm doing :))

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Let us know how the honey and vinegar stuff goes. The white stuff sounds like whiteheads, I always have trouble with them too, but it seems like you can either pop them (I'm not quite sure if it will lead to scarring, i've heard that it will and i've heard that it won't), or you can just keep applying bp to it. Don't worry though, I'm on the regimen right now too and I'm in the same boat, I am getting less zits (or so it seems) but I have many red marks that don't seem to be fading. My skin is also still very itchy when I apply BP to it, but i'm trying to stick through it. I dunno about the others, but I'm looking at your regimen so please keep updating. Good luck!

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alright well, i haven't yet found out what honey to use, but for the past two days after i decided to really start using dan's regimen constantly every day.

i dont have any of the 2.5% bp but i am using oxy 10 with very good results. but i don't reccomend this for everyone. as dan says, more of the 2.5% works better than 10%. not on my skin, but everyone is different so it is hard to be sure.

nob-- haha thanks. well, i'm still iffy about the lemon and honey thing i was going to add in. right now, i think i am on a roll with the combination i have (washing with the purpose bar, oxy 10 and moisturizer). but honey and lemon can't do you any wrong if you try it. lemon provides your body with extra vitamin c and the honey just exfoliates (or so i hear).

btw, i did take pictures but they don't do much justice to the results i am seeing so i will wait until a couple more weeks.

so i think this starts week 3? (since its been off and on)

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Yeah, keep on updating, i'm reading! :evil:

I've started the regime too, been on it for a week now. I only have 5% BP so thats gonna have to do. I've seen results (sort of) not as drastic as i'd hoped, i think i may be eating the wrong foods. My acne was clearing up nicely and then i had a pasta bake. The next morning i had about 10 extra spots (cystc and pimples) Its now 2 days later and i'm healing slowly. 8-[

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Although you may only be seeing minor improvements right now, at least they are improvements. As far as the cost of BP goes, just think of your worst skin day. Wouldn't you have paid a thousand dollars for it to disappear if you could? I bet you have already spent tons of money trying different things that didn't work. Now you know what works, so you are not throwing your money away. Isn't it worth five bucks a week to have clear skin and feel good about yourself. To me, it's priceless! I have been on the regimen for over amonth and I have only had a few pimples. I use the purpose bar, Neutrogena on the spot 2.5 BP, and neutrogena oil free moisturizer (I have the kind for combonation skin). I do it twice a day and make sure I use a clean towel to dry my face. I am very happy with the regimen. Stick to it, be patient and don't freak about the pimples. Just do the regimen and let them go away. Good luck! [-o<

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ahh, i havent had any time to get any bp... its 8:30 so i'll see if i can get any tonight. i'll pick up one or two.

then i will actually be able to use it for an extended period of time!

otherwise, my skin is looking better.

real update soon, i promise :evil:

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back from vacation.... updates soon... lost my bp while on vacation this past week... used it twice the whole week... ah well i am back on track. everything's clearing up, slowly but surely. yes i am still using the 10% confidently and lets see what happens. on a completely unrelated note... my braces come off in 3 weeks... its about freaking time! its been about 3 years...

going on another short vacation for 3 days... and then ill kepp everyone posted

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Attempted Week 5(? -its been about 2-3 months but i guess i would say this is how long i've been keeping at it lately)

i am officially back from vacationing...

while away, i skimped on morning and some evening parts of the regimen... but now i have nothing to interfere with the regimen for a long time which is very good.

the other day, i saw zapzyt at a pharmacy somewhere so i bought it. wow... much better than oxy (not content-wise because they're both 10% bp but the gel absorbs so easily into the skin and doesn't leave any white residue as the oxy tends to do sometimes). of course, i don't think they sell it anywhere around here so i will have to use the oxy again.

as for my acne progress... red marks are fading slowly but surely, i can see some blackheads on my chest (i can clear those up after i work on the red marks), and a few active pimples every now and then on my back and chest. i just have to keep at it. the good thing is... the only problem i was having with the acne currently, was taking my shirt off to go swimming around other people... but i was fortunate not to have to deal with that so hopefully my acne will be clear by next summer :(

my face is doing VERY well.. even though it never was bad to begin with... just hormonal acne. only one small cyst like thing near my chin on the side of my face. but i don't really care about that.

also, i have a question... will shaving some hair on my chest help any of the red marks fade faster? just curious...

one more thing, what cna i do to get rid of these pusules(?) i forgot what they're called... two small white bumps on my nose... they aren't whiteheads... they're just... there. one of them dried out a little but they're both still there.

ahh... i dont even know what week to call this

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well, i have decided to go to my doctor and ask him to prescribe me benzaclin. i am pretty confident in it. 5% bp plus whatever else is in it to kill bacteria. I will still use the purpose bar and moisturize (occassionally).

i found the box from my old prescription (5/02) and it said 'apply to face every morning'. So if i have benzaclin on my chest and back... and something mild on my face... i am in business :)/

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