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whats a good way to get rid of pimples in a few days, or to make them less noticable? (ex. masks, or whatever) i have graduation in a few days and i want to have good looking skin for it?

thanks O:)

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Here are some suggestions. This usually only works for "underground" pimples, the ones that you can feel coming. I put ice on them for twenty minutes, three times per day and usually it will not surface.

For pimples that have already surfaced, I don't know what to do. If I knew, I wouldn't be on this messageboard. :)

You can use make-up to cover them up to make them less noticeable.

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Put a drop of 10% BP on the pimple, it will dry up and go away in a day or two.

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really depends on the pimple and the consequences you are willing to accept......

If failure {i.e. you face looks like vietnam} isn't and option, TRY:

1}ice it

2} salt & honey method {soak cottonball in salt water and hold on zit for 10 min. dab w/ honey, cover w/ band-aid{optional} }

3} dab toothpaste {non gel} on it

4} Queen helene mint julep mask

5} take an ibuprofen/ asprin -reduces swelling

6} dab tea tree oil on it- a lil harsh but I have pals who swear by it.

If you are brave:

1} w/ surgical blade or sterile needle, find the plug & lance it. Make sure you only go for one good squeeze...anymore & you'll tear skin & look like a war casualty. pls have clean clean hands. Post-op...use any of the above.

2}Glycolic peel/facial- this is professionally done but the acid is like little "pacmen" and I have had AMAZING clarity afterwards...then again I have been burned by the facialist and had weeping scabs on my face.

3} Cortisone shot- this is too "Jlo" for my finances.

'Course the regimen should be in conjuction w/ any quick-fix.

Good luck.....

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