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Silicone sheets for scars

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I know people have talked about using silicone sheets for scars before. Has anyone had good success with them, and where can you buy them?

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I heard a product called Skin2forte advertised on the radio quite a while back (maybe 3 years ago---I can't recall the actual time ago it was). It was advertising that it could fix acne scars (among other things but I'm not sure what they were). In my forties it was the first time I had heard of and even thought of the possibility of fixing my scars. So I ordered it. The package came with an anti-septic cleanser, vitamin e solution, medical grade tape and silicone sheeting. I taped pieces of silicone sheets to my face scars every night and would sleep with them on during the night. Unfortunately, it was actually meant for raised scars and I was using it for sunken scars. I did call someone before I started the program and ask if it could work for sunken scars and she said it possibly could since it would create new skin. I would cleanse and then apply vitamin e solution to each scar. Then I would apply the silicone sheeting pieces to each scar and tape them in place.

Perhaps it can work for raised scars; but I know it didn't do anything for my sunken scars after wearing taped silcone pieces on my face every night for 2 months. Made one of my sunken scars look worse and that's when I gave up on it.

It's been a long while back and I had almost forgotten about this little episode in my life until I saw this post of someone asking about it.

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Thanks Tamara and catlover for your replies. It's Murphy's law all the way when it comes to scar treatments making scars worse, isn't it? I just have to develop a sense of humour over it, 'cause I'm not going to let it get the best of me...sigh..

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I was actually thinking of using it on the area of skin which has become more raised due to laser. Has anyone had success with the silicone sheets for raised scars? I'm not referring to the red raised scars.

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