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Why am I breaking out in these places now?

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I've been on Duac/Doryx for about three months now. My problem areas were on my chin and around my mouth. I get virtually no more breakouts there anymore since starting Duac/Doryx, but I've noticed that I've started to have other problem areas...like between my eyes, under my eyes, and my cheeks. These were never problem areas before. Is there an explanation for this? Thanks.

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hi kristiana, i hv this problem too im on doryx too.i think it is the doryx,my face clear up but my back started to have acne, i heard that when the doryx kill the bacterial in your body it kill other good stuff in the body so it cause other place to break out,but this what i heard from some of doryx user,so cannot be sure but i will ask my derm on my next appointment and update u on this.

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Ummmm Zits are weird, mkay?

no tellin where or why or when....sometimes I get such bizarre configurations I think my acne is trying to spell something out....

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the reason this is happening is because it is klling the good bacteria in your system. you need to eat a lot of Probiotics.

Eatc Bio yogurt and fruit everyday, and if u can buy some probiotic vitamins

that should do it

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mmmmmmkay. i swear it's like the friggin locusts. migrating from one area to another. i don't know why it does this. acne intelligence. it's disturbing though. why does the rash need to get out. can you replace the rash with something else? like a scaley heel on the foot or....cuticles that peel like mad, i mean what does it want? there should be a disclaimer on the regimen that says when you get clear on your face be prepared for it to crop up somewhere else. and if not acne then ....something else. i admit i got the bunk heel. and a rash on my upper left arm. wtf? i don't know. friggin' sucks that's what. it's summer and i need my heel and my damn upper arm. can't wear long sleeves and closed back shoes can i? without looking like the amish?

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