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Someone please help

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Hi there,

I am new to the board, I need some real help.

For the last year I have been getting spots/pimples around my mouth particularly above the upper lip/moustache area.

They are leaving real bad red mark type scarring behind and I have tried a variety of medication to stop the problem.

I have had samples taken to determine what the boils/spots are but nothing has shown up in the results apart from normal skin bacteria.

I tried tetracycline which did stop all the pimples from appearing around the mouth but i suffered from side effects such as rashes and reddening of skin. I discontinued the treatment and have since carried on having these rash problems and the spots around my mouth.

I have seen 3 different derms and they dont know what the problem is, although i guess its bacteria as it did stop for a full month when on the tetracycline.

Has anyone had similar problems?

The pimples around the mouth start off raised red lump and then u can see the white/yellow pus forming. In the end the pus needs to be popped before it will go down and heal , but it always leaves behind red marks, these are real bad.

I dont know what to do and these private derms have done nothing to really help me. My derm for example ignored the adverse reaction I was having to the tetracycline and told me to carry on, what sort of a doctor is that? In the end I stopped on my own accord.

I would be really grateful for some help as I am getting severely depressed.


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im sorry i cannt give you any advice on this but i bet someone on this board probably can. Just writing to tell you to keep your chin up, and in general we know what you are going through. Good luck, be strong, and be patient.

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I've heard mouth/ jawline acne is hormonal so consider changing your diet, also what's your "touching" history. When I break out around the mouth it's becs I've been fussing with it.

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thanks for replies people.

I have never tried BP, I have not had an acne problem really before. These pimples were around the mouth area only really, concentrated across the upper lip edge of nose area.

Only once I went on tetracycline did everything get much worse.

Will BP be too strong around mouth area, especially across the upper lip - moustache region.

Also i dont want heavy red marks left behind as they are already there but slowly fade, will BP make the red marks worse?

Can anyone else suggest something pls - i never really touch that area and i have minimised shaving, this has gone on for ages, im just so depressed.

Thanks for listening.

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If your skin is still red or burnt my suggestion to you is to stop cleansing or putting on any medication for about 1(one) week. I did this when I was on Retin-A-Mirco (R-A-M). My skin was burnt very badly so I discontinued R-A-M and I didn't cleanse or put on moisturizer for a week. It really helped because my natural oils were able to come through. I would suggest a gentle cleanser without any kind of acne treatment in it already. This causes dryness and besides the acne treatment won't beable to actually do what it is aimed towards doing. You wash off the cleanser anyways and then it goings down the sinks drain. Then put on a BHA. BHA's are better for pimples, white heads, and blackheads because BHA's absorb the oil in the pore itself and they exfoliate lightly inside the pore to get rid of the clogged bacteria.Over time it can fade away acne scars. Put on a BHA wait till the solution or liquid has dried and then put on BP. The BP will kill the already surfaced pimples and also prevent new ones from coming. Wait about 5-10 mintues and then put on an oil-free moisturizer with SPF 15 durning the day. Use BHA in the morning and a AHA at night. If you've never used a AHA before use it every other day and then once your skin gets used to it, the person should only use it about 3-4 times a week. Glycolic acid is an AHA or (Alpha-Hydroxy Acid). AHA's include are naturally found in fruit and in milk. Examples:: Glycolic, Lactic, Malic, Tartric, and Citric acids. What a AHA does to the skin is that it dissolves the intercellular glue that sticks to dead skin cells and it encourages the natural shedding of dead skin cells. AHA's over a period of time (at the least 2-3 months) can give your skin a more youthfull appearance, improve the texture and color of your skin, and it can give your skin a "Glowly" appearance. This is because AHA's boost the moisture retention of your skin. Use AHA's at night, not in the morning since they take the top layers of the dead skin cells off your skin and encourage new cells to appear, the sunlight can cause your skin to be more sensitive then it already is. If you need recomendations please post here and i'll get back with you!

~Nikki~ Hope I helped! :D

EDIT:: shaving A AHA can help with shaving because the dead skin cells will be gone and it will make it easier on you to shave. Use a gel or a creamy shaving lotion and make sure you have a good razor as well!

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but if you are , see a counselor!

As far as the mouth area goes, whatever you do, don't use any chapstick or vaseline type stuff on your lips! Also, the upper lip area tends to sweat, so you may want to just carry tissues with you to just wipe off some excess sweat every so often. The only place I really get pimples is around my mouth and chin. I try my best not to touch my face and make sure that whatever I eat does not touch anything but the inside of my mouth. I started Dan's regimen a week ago and I haven't gotten any new pimples, so give it a shot. I went to derms that didn't help at all too. What a waste, huh? Try not to pop whiteheads because that makes the area irritated and red. I know you don't want to go out of the house with one, neither do I, but If you can help it, put some BP on it overnight and hopefully in the morning when you wash your face it just comes off when you dry your face with a towel. If you have to pop it, don't try and push every drop of crap out, just pop and put a peice of tissue over it until it dries. You're not alone. When I wake up with a face full of zits, I don't like myself and I don't want people to see me. Even though you and I both know that we are much more than the layer of skin that people see, it's tough when it happens to you. Best wishes.

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