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I am currently 5 months into copper-peptide and peel therapy for raised body scarring and I wish to ask anyone who has raised scars if they have had any success with treatment with copper peptide and peels as well as asking if they have tried silicone sheeting (I have not) and if so what kind of results or lack of results they have experienced.

I understanbd that most people with acne scars have been affected on their face and with indented form of scarring and this is reflected with most of the threads and posts within this scar forum.

However there are people that do suffer with raised scars and they are not always keloid in nature. I think the correct term for it is "Follicular macular atrophy" and generally it affects the chest and back of people who have had severe acne.

I propose to keep this thread for those that have raised scars because raised and indented are two different in nature and fillers and needling and all the other information basically doesn't apply to raised.

So if there is anyone out there that has raised scars and would like to share and compare notes then by all means post your questions or experiences please.


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I know exactly what you mean by 'non-keloid raised scars' O:) I don't know if you are interested in more natural approach, but if you give me a week, I'll post a full report on my scar treatment using chinese violet orchid (bletilla striata). O:) I have been doing it for 3 days and it looks promising O:)

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