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Exoderm/dermabrasion after CO2 laser resurfacing; has anyone

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has anyone had exoderm (deep phenol peel) or dermabrasion AFTER already having done Co2 lasering? I am wondering if either of these procedures could fix the orange peel skin effect caused my CO2.

Does anyone know the cause of the orange peel effect? Why it happens with laser and not with dermabrasion or deep peels?

Opinions Comments?

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Dermabrasion and Laser are very different methods. One is abrading away the skin and the other actually burns the skin off. Obviously, one would expect the healing/scarring would not be identical. As far as why it does this, I dont know...but it makes sense that the two would not have identical type side effects. CO2 sucks, old school dermabrasion is actually better in the right hands (I think). This laser fad stuff sucks...ooooh "laser" this, "laser" that, it doesnt mean anything because its a newer technology.

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Hi Elle,

I have had laser resurfacing done 6 months ago, and it's no picnic. I would have to agree with Hozer that laser resurfacing sucks. However, I had a dermabrasion years ago and found that the maximum improvement is only 20%. Supposedly you get 60-80% of scars with lasers, but that's not true either, as you can see. At this point, I'm not sure what the percentage is.

I don't know if you ran into this problem, but a month and a half after my resurfacing, I broke out terribly with cysts of all sizes. It was devastating.

How long ago did you get your resurfacing? If it is less than a year, I would not recommend a dermabrasion, as your skin is still very fragile. You should consult with a dermatologist (NOT a cosmetic surgeon, as he/she might do it just to make money off of you) about having a dermabrasion done on laser-resurfaced skin. It might cause more damage and most likely, you won't see a great improvement.

This is what I am doing to help improve the "orange peel" look of my skin. This works for me--I don't know if it will help you, but I'll pass it on, anyway.

I went to a dermatologist trained by Dr. Des Fernandes. For one in your area, you should visit his website to see if there's somebody in your area. I believe it's at: http://www.environ.co.za. Dr. Fernandes is great about responding quickly.

My dermatologist put me on a more aggressive regimen that worked immediately.

1) In the morning, I wash my face with a mild soap designed for oily skin. Actually, what I do is fill the basin with hot water and put in the soap. I clean my face by soaking the washcloth in the hot water and pressing it to my face several times. I learned the hard way not to rub AT ALL on laser-resurfaced skin.

2) I use a toner--any alpha-hydroxy or even witch hazel toner will do. I use a toner from California Cosmetics or the Pro-Activ toner. Wait 3-5 minutes for the toner to dry.

3) I then use my Dermaroller on my face--see the Dermaroller thread for more details.

4) Next I apply Environ's C-Boost creme. This promotes collagen growth; it contains Vitamin C.

5) Next I apply Environ's Colostrum-Gel.

6) For any acne lesions, I dab on Duac, a dual topical available by prescription. That stuff works really well--it contains BP and clindamycin.

For night time, I do steps 1-4. For step 5, I apply Retin-A all over my face instead of the Colostrum-Gel, plus dab any Duac on the breakouts.

I was told by my dermatologist plus another cosmetic surgeon (a friend of hers who was visiting Hawaii at the time) that expect to wait a full year before the face is totally healed from laser resurfacing.

Environ products, along with the Duac and Retin A, seem to work real well. However, if a dermatologist that carries Environ is not in your area, maybe there's a comparable skin line that you can use in its place.

For me, I've been seeing improvement with this regimen. I still have a ways to go, but there was definite improvement in the "orange peel" texture. Bear in mind, you have to give it time, as collagen growth is slow.

Hope this helps!

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