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I think it depends on your diet prior.

I mean if you are completely unhealthy I would never recommend that, but if say your pretty much raw you could do it but I wouldn't. I like food!!!

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I pesonally think that drinking nothing but water for 10 days will do more harm than good. Say it does clear up your acne, it'll just come back.

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10 days without anything but water sounds dangerous. I know you can do juice fasts that can give you some somstanance, but 10 whole days with no nutrients sounds really un-healthy.

As with anything that drastic I say talk to your doctor before taking such a big chance. I can't imagine how starving yourself could be good for any of your body including your skin.

I really doubt acne is caused by eating wink.gif.

However, it would'nt hurt to try going organic for a while and seeing if it helps your acne. It is possible that your acne is a reaction to a certain food, or additives and preservatives within foods. The key as with anything is to be sure you eat enough protien, carbs, and fats to stay healthy.

I recommend you try this product:


I don't sell this I just use it and it works great to deal with acne on a nutritional level.

Hope this helps!

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don't do a water fast, or any other kind of fast. you probably have many underlying issues that need to be attended, and fasting will not cure them.

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I fasted down to 9.5 stone (i'm normally 10.5 - 11) as I wanted to clense my body to see what foods and liquids were affecting me.

I'd say on general fasting is a good thing for the body, as long as you don't do it too often and don't loose too much weight, like i did.

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Well I was thinking about water fasting for a week to see what happens........


Has anyone tried fasting?

If so, can you tell me how it went.........

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A week without food...................................................................You got to be crazy!

But to be honest I tried the 3 day apple fast,but I could only resist food for about 10hrs before I gave in. Where would you get energy from if you didnt eat for a week? I feel drained if I dont eat for a few hours, and im a skinny ass.

When I first read this topic,I was gona politely ask you to smack yourself


Nah but on a serious note, be carefull man.

Peace smile.gif

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10 day fast seems really harsh. don't do it. i was once told if you break out from a food your eating it's probably because you may have a allergy to that food. and no chocolate does not make you break out. same rule applies allergy to it. thats what i was told. if your trying to lose weight or clean up your system try green tea gum, it really worked for me.

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My father fasts about 1-2 time a year, he really likes it.

Anyway these is a story that he likes to tell about a man that has done a lot of fasting:

He met this man who was really into fasting (I think his name was Paul Bragg) He fasted one time a week for 1 day, once a mouth for 3 days, once every 3 months for 10 days, and once a year for 30 days shock.gif ! He was REALLY healthy, he was 90-something and teaching a exercise class on the beach in Hawaii and my father had a hard time staying with him (my dad was in shape just got out of the Air Force, and was living in Hawaii, and ran a lot and was into fitness) Paul Bragg was 90-something when he died, he died when he was surfing, his surfboard hit him in the head. He was an amazing man. He has written a lot of books one good one is “The Miracle of fasting�

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