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I recently got some 40% Glycolic Acid for my acne. After first using it 2 days ago, my skin around my nose is extremely sore and the skin is peeling like when you have an extremely bad case of sunburn. Also the spots where my acne was looks really bad now, red and almost bloody looking.

I was just wondering if this is normal, and will my face get like this every time I use it? I would seriously rather have acne than to always have my face looking like THIS!

Also, is it supposed to itch when you put it on? The woman I got it from said it would burn, but it not only burns, it makes me itch while its on, and REALLY badly. I just want to start clawing at my face while I have it on. The itch stops after I wash it off though.

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40% is extremely high. You might want to start using a 10% lotion until your skin gets used to it and then try a 20% peel before going back up to 40%. High concentration Glycolic peels are mostly helpful for aged or sun-damaged skin, less helpful for acne.

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Would it be ok to dillute it with water to lower the strength, or would that not work?

Also is there any place I can get good and acurate information about this stuff? It's impossible to find any good information sites on google because of all the commercial sites that are just trying to push their product, and those are filled with lots of contradicting information. The woman I purchased it from said I should leave this stuff on my face for about 15 minutes, which I did. Although after reading the bottle, it says it should be left on for a maximum of 1-4 minutes. I want to know how to properly use it without causing any damage to my face!

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As with any acid peel, remember, it is an acid, and will burn whatever is there to burn. If you want to slough off the dead skin without such a drastic burn I recommend getting an enzyme peel.

Enzyme peels are made from plant enzymes and work by absorbing dead skin cells and leaving the live (hydrated) cells alone. They are much better for acne and alot safer as they do not irritate the skin or cause scarring.

The one I use is at:


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