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back acne.

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what to do ...what to do? Just use the neutrogena body clear body wash? With that little puff cloth that makes it lather? How do you reach back there =P

Any success stories anyone?

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I am not sure I'm understanding what you are talking about. There are a couple of treatments (whose descriptions are posted on this forum) that seem to work for a couple of people. You should also try checking out other pages on this forum (some of them seem to have lots of useful informations).

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i dont know whats confusing...

back acne happens....

yeah i like that neautrogena body wash. theres a oxy body wash that i hear alot of good things about as well.

I think a loofah would be alight. its a good exfoliator. there are also those bath gloves that are semi rough. (back skin is tougher and can handle them just fine)

if you cant reach your back i dont know....

im kinda little and i can reach it fairly easily. there are these long things that you could get at a bath store. its like this mesh thing with a handle on each side for washing your back. i cant really explain it but if you went to one you could probably find it.

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heh angel....thanks for the reply..

ya heh I'm weird...I can't reach my back.....must be my big 27 inch biceps that get in the way..... :^o

oh ya....that neutrogena stuff.....there was like two kinds....one is just a wash...and one is an exfoliator? They're exactly the same except one has microbeads......which one is better eh?

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as far as treating acnegoes, im sure they are both as effective. i personally like the exfoliator, being female, wanted soft new skin, getting dead skin cells off, etc. It just a little rougher but its really up to your personally preference.

Also, i do not know if it would be something you would want to purchase at it is like 15 - 18 dollars, but Clinique puts out this salyric acid "bakc and chest acne" spray. It has a pump that lets you pump it out at any angle, etc. Good for hard to reach places and i think it works well. Just as an idea! Good luck!!

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all you need to do is use the purpose bar soap on your back, neck, and chest. I'm not joking. It alone clears up 90% of acne. While you're in the shower, just lather up the bar and spread it across your back. THen just let the water rinse it off. It is suprisingly effective, as long as you dont miss days. Give it a shot, you won't be sorry.

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For any acne that isn't cleared up by the bar- just put some bp on it, i use Stridex fruit therapy b/c it's cheaper than neutrogena and it seems to work really well on my back (plus it smells good and absorbs quickly so i can put it on, go to bed, and not have to wake up to dried bp all over my sheets) I've gotten really really great results with this over the past month... using it on my back. i haven't tried it on my face yet. I'm sure any bp product would help you.

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