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st ives apricot scrub for acne

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i tend to avoid scrubs because i heard that they can rip ur scar tissues up more...and since i got like roller scars and shiet like that, its worth avoiding.

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I have like 3 tubes and a bottle of the stuff. However, I read that any exfoliant is too harsh for acne prone people like us, since we already have sensitive skin. What was recommended to me was baking soda. Its very gently. I mix it with St. Ives makeup removing cream (like 2 bux a tube at walmart) and the baking soda is dirt cheap. Multiple uses too.

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I do use a very mild and all natural scrub that is much more mild than this. I found that having my skin exfoliated helps with my acne.

I have used a similar scrub to the St. Ives apricot scrub, but I have found the closer I get to all natural the better my acne is.

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I went into sephora and this very helpful sales girl who often helsp me with questions was explaining to me that if you use any kinda of scrub on acne it will aggravate it and spread the bacteria that causes acne. When you use a scrub on acne prone skin she suggested that it have some sort of bacteria killer (BP, SA, AHA, BHA) in it so that while the bacteria is spreading it will also be getting killed by the bacteria fighting agents in the scrub.

I personally used the apricot scrub for sensitive skin, if I use it-which is like once every 3 months. My skin has cleared dramatically by using organic products (burts bees toner) and just washing my face with water and using neosporin around twice a week. I just don't see the need for a scrub when there are products with AHA's and high levels of glycolic acid that exfoliate without being a harsh scrub. I think my acne was caused mostly by overuse of acne products and irratation as a result, not to mention the harsh chemicals that are prescribed to you by derms.

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