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My log...Dan's regime on body acne!

So I've been doing this for about a week and a half. Not exactly sure how long because at first I wasn't following it exactly, then I decided to just do it more correctly. I'm using it on my lower face, neck, chest, back, and one of my upper arms. So far my acne's been improving biggrin.gif I'm using:

Face + Neck

Wash with Cetaphil Antibacterial bar

Thin layer of 2.5% bp (still getting my skin used to it)

Was using Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer, but the bp was making my skin dry so on the bp parts I just started using Cetaphil lotion instead. I'll see how that goes! Still using the C+C on the rest of my face though.

Chest, Back + Arm

Wash with Purpose Liquid Cleanser

Thicker layer of 2.5% or 10% Haven't been using moisturizer.

So yeah, today my skin is going ok, except I went to itch my back and I had white stuff all over my nails! Not sure if it's just dry skin or dried bp as well? Yuck. So I'm going to start using just 2.5% on my back, maybe start using Eucerin Renewal. Feeling itchy! Oh and I was using the 10% on my back, which has helped but as you can see is now drying my skin out. I used the 10% on my chest a few times, and now it's red and itchy! So I guess I should go back with the 2.5% like I was doing before (seems only my back can tolerate the higher bp).

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So yeah, today I tried putting Eucerin Renewal on my chest....OUCH!! It turned red and was burning, had to wash it off! I put aloe gel on it and it helped. Guess I'll hold off on using it till my chest is more calm (it was kinda irritated from the bp anyway). It then dried up real bad when I put on bp cream tonight, but I quickly put on a bunch of Cetaphil lotion, much better.

Anyway, sorry to babble on....my chest has NO new acne eusa_dance.gif And my back is still not clear, but does seem to be better. Clearing up, though there are a couple that are newer. My neck/lower jaw doesn't have any new zits, except for one gross white head that is quickly going away. But that's ok cause normally that would have been a big inflamed zit, but it wasn't. So yeah, so far it's working slowely but surely! I just wish my back would respond quicker.

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The burn on my chest that the bp and Eucerin made is gone now, I didn't put any on it for a couple days and now I"m putting a small amount on, seems to be taking it ok. However, seems like since I started using Cetaphil lotion, my skin is not doing as well! I feel like my pores are clogged and I Have more bumps, grrrr! So I'm trying to switch over to Eucerin. I used it last night on my face, burned a little in places. Thinking of buying Alpha Hyrox lotion at Walgreens for my back.

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Ok now the same thing that happened to my chest happened to my neck! Weird. My chest is fine now though, I can apply both the bp and the Eucerin. But this morning after I showered, I applied the bp and Eucerin as usual, and my neck BURNED sooo bad! I had to quickly wash it all off and put an aloe moisturizer on, but the rest of the day it felt burned and dry. Yipes! Aside from that though, my skin seems to be doing good with the bp itself. I do have a couple new zits, but one of them is on my cheek where I don't apply the bp, so I've moved it up to include that spot. I think I have a small new one on my back too, but looks like a really small one not the usual big ones.

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