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When I was about 22 I went on Accutane and this really cleared up my acne but left with pitted scars on my cheeks and chin. For a long while the only thing that bothered me was the scarring (and blackheads on my nose) - and that was bad enough! Anyway I am now 31 and in the last year or so my acne has gradually started to come back. I feel so upset, stressed and depressed about it! I thought I had gotten rid of the spots for good! This could not have come at a worse time. My husband and I were wanting to try for a baby in the next few months, but instead, I am facing the possibility of having to go back onto Accutane??? I dont even know if I can go back onto it??? I desperately need some advice. My face currently has big red cyst like spots all over the sides of my cheeks, chin and jaw line and they really hurt. Today I have just been to a local health store and they have given me some "natural" pills to try called Claer Comlexion. I will try these for a month or so, but then I feel I am going to have to go onto Accutane again, which means putting trying for a family on hold, which makes me feel selfish and also extremelely upset, as I really want a child, but I cannot live with embarrassment of acne again - I have been through it once. I feel so desperate!

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