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Okay, I've been off tane for 1 month now, and I've been using BP for a week on and off.

Apparently, my skin is hypersensitive from tane but RIDICULOUSLY OILY at the same time. So whenever I put BP on (Even 1/3 of a finger for the whole face) MY FACE BURNS AND TURNS RED! It doesn't dry me out at all, but it hurts like crap!

I only use it every other day, and my skin still hurts.

Also, I've been given Retin-A and tried it, but it didn't burn or turn red AT ALL!!! BP must be very irritating to my skin.

THe thing is I CAN see a little progress with BP after I put it on for a day, but Retin-A seems to make stuff WORSE.

I'm dealing with so much other stuff right now, and the hypersensitivity to BP is making my life MORE miserable.

So my question: is there anyone like with SUPER sensitive BUT SUper oily skin that can't handle BP?

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Have you asked your doc how long you need to wait before applying bp post-accutane?

You definitely have sensitivity to bp, so even if she/he says you need to wait a while before using bp, start very slowly when you do start. Use a teensy amount, perhaps just once a day at first, and work it up slowly.

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Hey, as Dan stated in the regime, there is a small percentage of people who are allergic to BP. I developed an allergy to it when I was 13 and what you're describing may be an allergy. I just posted an alternate regime for those who suffer with the allergie, check it out.

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i wouldnt jump to the conclusion that you are allergic

redness and burning and itching is normal....when i first started on bp i got this and it was extremely uncomfortable. i thought i might be allergic. your skin just has to get used to it, esp since your skin is probably very sensitive due to accutane

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