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The past 6 months have been - well depressing. Its been an roller coaster of emotions guys. Since January my acne has gone from very mild, i could deal with and hasnt never been that much of an isssue, to quite moderate and disgusting, leaving tons of scars and an outburtst of acne on both cheeks - ive never suffered acne like it before. Its effected my social life unbelivably. Cut off all ties with friends, dont work, failed university cos of it. Its just changed my life. Ive got to the point, where ive accepted it a little bit. cos i can go out some places, to the store and wot not. But social events i have difficuluty going to. I avoid them and dont really go out that much. The internet has been my saviour for the past months. Its just, i know now, that its gonna effect my confidence even if i get clearer. this is gonna effect me in the long run. its weird, its like my life has come to a really depressing standstill. im never gnna forget this year - the year i got fuckin acne - really bad. why did this happen? i guess i deserve it. this year my ex-girlfriend had an abortion. i killed my child. and i relaly didnt realise the sin i was commiting. but thats one reason i feel. i deserve it. ive messed around with girls, and now im gettin a lesson taught. forget girls from now on man, i cant get em now! but ive realised that theres more important things in life. education, rightenouss, doing good things, you know. its made me wake up a bit. but its kncked my condifence so much. i was already quite vain. man i wish i was clear. the invention of accuante keeps my hopes up. hey in 2 years i cant still be spotty - i wud have ordered tane by them and took it until im clear! lol. guys - your the only people who understand. acne is so weird. people dont talk about in the real world.yeah everyone gets it - but some ppl get it worse u know. its a weird thing. its made me think a bout life. its weird how a few spots on ur face just change your life lol. guys your the only people who understand, so im just typing my thoughts u know. please feel free to tell me how ur feeling, your thoughts on acne.

this site is great i suppose. been posting for some time. its given me information on acne and is helping me fight it i suppose. otherwise who wud i turn to. u guys are great.

take care neutral.gif

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