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how do they compare?

I have been taking erthromycin on and off for many years. I recently starting another dose in April this year and was taking 500mg a day, but i found that it was'nt working to good, so i spoke to my doctor this morning and he has changed me to Minocyline 100mg (it also says modified release, what does that mean?).

The question i have is that will mino be effective?, as im taking only 100mg a day compared to the 500mg on erthro? eusa_think.gif

How do they compare?

I be greatfull for any feedback

Thanks smile.gif

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Modified or extended release means that the medication is absorbed over a longer period of time - it's the same drug, but it's just been formulated such that it takes longer to metabolize. The helps because it keeps levels of the drug in your blood more uniform, rather than a sudden spike shortly after you take it, followed by none (until you take it the next time).

As for 500mg vs. 100mg - it's like comparing apples and oranges. The effective dosage is unique to the substance, so 100mg of one med might be as effective as 500 of a different one. For example, finasteride is effective at 1-10mg doses, but Metformin works in the 500-2500 mg range).

Mino is systemically less harsh than erythromycin, causes less stomach irritation (generally), and is better tolerated. In terms of effectiveness, a lot of it is governed by the individual taking it and the degree of bacterial resistance you've acquired by taking erythro already. A switch to Mino may work better because it 'shakes things up' with the bacteria you have on/in your skin, because it's an altogether different chemical.

I suggest you see how it works for you, give it some time as recommended by your doc (a few months, I'm guessing) - and you'll know soon enough!

Good luck!


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My derm said that Mino works for a lot of people when other antibiotics don't. I used it for about a year and never had acne problems when I was on it but after about 1 year I started having mild breakouts so I switched. If it's not helping in 6 weeks it probably won't help too much though. I know some derms say to wait 3 months but that's BS. If it's going to work you should at least start to see improvement after a month or so.

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