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I'm 19 years old, and i've suffered with acne since I was about 12.

I've tried all sorts of products over the years, and nothing really has worked.

Recently as it's got hotter, i've been sunbathing and it almost cleared my skin up, only getting the odd spot which was instantly a white head. eusa_dance.gif

I brought Nivea Visage young sea ocean products,wash toner and mositiser, it seemed to work ok, made my face tingle abit lol.

I went to my docotor just for a normal checkup and he commented on my skin, (dont you hate it when people do that) eusa_wall.gif

well he recommended Dianette pill for me to to take, He's give me a 3 month persription, (i've just finished my first packet) And I had the worest breakout of my life, I was plastered, all I could do was cry, and hide indoors....

It calmed down itself after 2 weeks. and I went to the beach with my mum, my skin calmed down again thanks to the sun, and covered up my red marks and scars.

I'm still coming up in little white heads though, and through the day my face gets greasey real quickly....

I want to try something calm and sensitive on my skin....

In boots the other day I noticed Evian, (the water comapny people) have a new set of washes out, are they any good? being near the sea and sand always helps me skin but im to far away to go regulary, maybe theres a better sea wash out there?

thanks guys. smile.gifwub.gif


I also found these washes called Proactiv

Renewing Cleanser (4oz),

Revitalizing Toner (4oz),

Repairing Lotion (2oz)

Refining Mask (1oz).

there alot deaer than the Evian washes.... any of you tried either of these products? eusa_think.gif

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I wash with just Dove soap as it is gentle and all the skin needs. I became depressed on Dianette so am on Roaccutane now so have to be really careful. If not, try Simple Deep Cleansing, Witch Hazel or the Body Shop Tea Tree and Menthol foaming face wash. STAY AWAY FROM CLEARASIL!!!

Hope all goes well

Vanessa wink.gif

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I reckon that the Evian one would be good, as due to the fact that they are a water company, their products will have higher concentrations of spring water which is an anti-irritant and therefore will soothe the skin.

I am using avene gel cleanser for sensitive/irritated skin and i wub.gif it, it's really good if u have got sensitive skin. This is soothing to the skin as it has a high concentratin of avene thermal springwater which is very beneficial to all skin types, particularly those withe problen skin and is better to use than ordinary spring water. After this, I use avene thermal spring water which I just spritz on my face. You can get avene stuff from all larger boots stores and I believe, from boots.com. If u go in a boots store, you can ask a skincare consultant to test the products on your skin.

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i have considered the evian oxygenating gel cleanser before but never gave it a shot because its quite pricey and i'm quite happy with my current washes.

It is not gentle but the C&C advantage quick clear treamtent wash is the best one in my opinion. You can probably only use it once a day due to its drying nature so i use superdrufg tea tree n peppermint wash the other time

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i think most cleansers do the job on the market it doesn't take a special brand to do the job right.

but depending on your skin you might wanna get a sensitive brand (like I do) or try to buy accroding to your skin type.


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