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has anyone have royal jelly to treat thier acne? ive been eating it every day at night im not sure if my skin improved cuz i been eating it for a couple days. i read online. if anyone has been having royal jelly and have noticed impovement plz reply


Royal jelly is used for a wide spectrum of health benefits:

1. For energy, stamina and physical strength

2. To keep smooth, youthful skin and ward off skin aging

3. To stimulate and boost immune system, and fight bacterial and viral infections

4. To support wound healing

5. For weight control and building tissues and muscles

6. To regulate endocrine system and achieve hormonal balance

7. For bone growth and bodily growth

8. For healthful liver

9. For nervousness and anxiety

10. To promote sexual vitality and rejuvenation, and reverse impotence

11. For symptoms related to menopause

12. To extend life

13. For various physical conditions such as coronary artery disease, anemia, arthritis, liver ailments, depression diabetes, asthma, malnutrition, atherosclerosis, ulcers, and weak, tired eyes.

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I've been taking Royal Jelly Capsules 400mg each caps with Ginseng 20mg in it as well

Haven't seen any improvements yet though.

Been taking it for about a month

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