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Regime- Had to cut back


Well first, I would like to thank dan 1 million times--You've made a product thats worth its weight in gold! thanks a million m8!!

Been on the regime 1 month and 1 week. Twice a day, used Dans Gel +Eucerin SP15. In shower+nightly, used neutrogena mosterizer. Followed regime to the tee.

After only a few days- noticed results.

After a few weeks- dramatic clear up

After a month - almost all clear..

But..I was still very bothered..not by acne.. but by

Flaking, flaking, flaking. It was lessen toward the evening, but my g/f would have to stop and peel some off. I was so embarrassed. Also, the itching and the redness. Ill tell ya, every morning- it hurt for about few hours after I applied it.

I used even more Euricin 15- well, that kinda worked--but barely..It was taking me so long to get ready for work- 15 minutes to wait to apply bp, then another 10 min applying, then another 10 min waiting, then another 10 min applying eurcerin..we're talking a good 30 minutes overall extra..well, i had enuff.

For past 2 weeks Ive been only applying eurcerin in the morning. At night, only bp gel. Now- it takes me an extra 10 minutes tops..

No more redness, itching, flaking ...

I know im not following the regime, but damn, its way too harsh 2x a day. I have tough dark skin too. So that aint it. Maybe 3months i needed to endure..But, I couldnt go on. I told myself If my acne came back, I would do 2x again..

So far, nothing..I apply a bit extra bp at night now..just in case. But now- Im comfortable all over- no acne, no flaking, no redness, some itching but nothing crazy..

Thanks Dan once again! Ill be ordering more bp gel soon..

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Sounds awesome! Dan offers advice about following the regimen exactly, but in reality thats why we all hate derms, just a perscription for the masses! I say do what your are doing and keep us posted! Everyone is different.

PS: I'd like to thank Dan too, he rocks! Genius, Genius, Genius!

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I am far from a genius, but hey, I'll take it wink.gif I will admit that the regimen is genius insofar as it works really well when followed as outlined.

Anyhoo, if once a day doesn't keep you clear, check out http://www.acne.org/aha.html

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