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Ok, I have read the thread on hibiclean, which is really interesteding. I'm thinking about putting it into my regime Let me know what you guys think a bout the regime below


Basis Sensitivity cleanser bar



Basis sensitivity cleanser bar


st ives medicated scrub exfoliator

aha lotion on only my forhead.

please let me know what you guys think. Give me advise on changes, etc. I want clear skin!

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Well, Hibleclens is a anti-mcirobial cleanser, so it does different things than the basis bar. You might also want to avoid using a harsh scrub every day. Perhaps use Hibiclens and apply a SA toner or liquid in the morning. Then, in the evening, use the Hibiclens, followed by the AHA lotion. That way you get two types of chemical exfoliation and kill bacteria without washing so many times. Maybe add the St. Ives 1-2 times a week.

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Well, I have not been 100% clear in 20 years. I have taken most anitbiotics and used most topicals, prescription and otherwise (except accutane), with some success, but I always have had a handful of spots at one time. However, these last 4-5 months have been much better, once I started using Aloeguard and then Hibiclens. Particularly a reduction of cysts.

My latest regimine:

1)Wash with Hibiclens, leave it on and shave with it (then wash off)

2) Alternate days of either:

Apply 2% SA lotion


Apply 10% Glycolic acid liquid

In the evenings I:

1) Wash with Hibiclens again

2) Use a 2% SA liquid ( everywhere but nose)

3) Apply BP 5% to jawline (big problem area)

4) Retina-micro to nose (blackhead problems)

I periodically use a gentle scrub. I also use a gentle non-drying cleanser in the afternoons on days I workout and shower.

At the same time as adding Hibiclens, I have been steadily reducing the number of products I use, particularly cleansers with harsh detergents. Instead of SA cleansers, I now use leave on liquids that are on much longer, and moisturize.

Still not perfect, lots of blackheads and occasional zits, but this regimine is much better than previous ones, as it takes less time, is less drying, and costs much less.

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